Get ‘90s Feels With These 15 Mood Ring Nail Looks

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Getting vibey with a #mood post is typical in 2020. However, before digital expression was a thing, people shared their feelings with one small accessory: the mood ring. This magical orb on a silver ring was first, most likely from Claire’s and second, said to change color to reflect your shifting mood. While color-changing nails aren’t new, nails that change into an array of colors based on temperature are. “Thermal nails” (A.K.A. “mood ring nails”) are usually done with a coating against a dark-colored base to create trippy nail art that’s sure to leave anyone in a good mood. Check out fifteen of my favorite looks from pro nail artists below:

1. Liquid Crystal
Hannah Lee (@hannahroxit) rocked Liquid Crystal over nail lacquer.
2. ‘80s Baby
We give these nails by Yolee Hicks (@dymenails) a perfect 10.
3. Don’t Sweat It
Anastasiia Morozova (@nailchampion_) shows how to make a thermal splatter effect here.
4. Gold Rush
Combine gold flakes with a stroke of thermal detail like @itgirltierra.
5. A Rose by Any Other Shade
@red_iguana shows how to freehand Thermo Liquid for a rosy effect.
6. Swag Stones
Create stone shapes on the nail like Eunice Park (@eunicornnails).
7. Moody Tips
Gabbi Vigue Gassuan (@pinkaliennailz) carves out mood ring tips using gold outlines.
8. Galaxy Glow
Thermal nails are perfect for a galaxy backdrop like this one from @diananailedit.
9. Celestial Sphere
Thermal orbs pop against a white background a la @buffbarbristol.
10. Temp Talons
Thermal nails can be worn on short or extra-long tips, as shown by @nailgazms.
11. Dark Side of the Moon
@audreyfaithartistry makes the dark side look brilliant.
12. Mood Beam
Brittany Hogan (@bhogannailedit) gives us a streak of thermal color down the center of the nail.
13. Flashes of Color
Brigitta Fajt (@missbehavenails) incorporated mood-changing color into this hot design.
14. Hot Houndstooth 
This elaborate houndstooth by Hang Tran (@_hangnailz_) changes temperature, but keeps its bite.
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15. Stamp to It
@red_iguana combines stamping and Thermo Liquid for vibrant art.

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