Go Off, Lady Boss!

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We love a strong, female entrepreneur…

The beauty industry thrives off of creativity and ambition and this lady boss has tons of both!

Mireya Villarreal was a daughter of immigrants working at her mother’s hair salon in Chicago. After her daughter was born, she began making hair accessories for her at her kitchen table. Soon, her mother’s salon clients gained interest in buying her work and suddenly she was selling her hand-made hair accessories in salons, boutiques, and retailers across the United States.

Over the past 16 years, Pink Pewter has expanded to sell everything from bridal accessories, to cosmetics, to professional salon tools. Whether you need a yoga headband or some cute pins for a night out, this glam brand has your back. Trust us, their products make you feel like a goddess no matter what you’re doing!

Not only is Mireya a successful Founder and CEO of her own company, but she still works every day to make sure she gives back and teaches people how to follow in her footsteps. Through Pink Pewter, Mireya has become a teacher, mentor, motivational speaker and strives towards creating sustainable projects to positively impact the industry.

Going from a hairstylist making a few accessories at a kitchen table to owning your own business selling hundreds of products in 42 countries across the world? Talk about the ultimate glow up!

Falling in love with this amazing woman and her brand just like we did? You can get your own Pink Pewter product in Hello Salon Pro’s August box!