I Tried TikTok Makeup Hacks So You Don’t Have To


While TikTok is best known for dancing challenges, pranks and music, the app has recently seen a surge in videos revealing beauty hacks for everything from foundation to mascara. As someone who is always searching for ways to make my makeup routine quicker and easier, these videos are everything. However, some of them can seem too good to be true. So, I decided to put them to the test and find out if these tricks are a hack or wack.

I did an entire makeup look based on TikTok hacks, and here’s what happened.

Beauty Blender Cleanser


And it’s cheap too sooo😳👍🏼!!#beautyhacks

♬ original sound – ♡ kammy ♡

First, I tried @kammymakora’s beauty blender hack. In her TikTok, she washes her beauty blender in a mixture of olive oil and dish soap, resulting in the sponge looking as good as new. It’s supposed to be a cheap alternative that works even better than other brush and sponge cleansers.

However, when I tested out the formula myself, my beauty blender was left still dirty, and it was nearly impossible to rinse out all of the suds from the mixture. After a hopeful try, I’ll be sticking with baby shampoo to wash my blender.

Hack or Wack: Wack

Powder First Foundation


Originally from user @jaridamat, this makeup hack says if you apply moisturizer, translucent powder, setting spray and primer before your foundation, your makeup will stay on all day without creasing.

This trick went viral on TikTok for the supposed amazing results, but when I gave it shot, it left me disappointed. Instead of my skin feeling flawless and smooth, it felt cakey and thick. There was too much product on my face, and I could actually see creasing after just an hour or so.

Hack or Wack: Wack

Q-Tip Lip


Don’t be afraid to be bold! Here’s a #hack to keep lipstick on your lips and not on your teeth!💄 #learnfromme #beautyhacks

♬ ALL IN – ZaeHD & CEO

The gist for this hack from @blossom is that using a Q-tip to keep your lips separated will stop lipstick from transferring to your teeth and all over your mouth. While I think this is a good hack in theory, it doesn’t really work in practice.

The Q-tip makes it so the corners of your lips don’t receive color, and I actually saw some product on my teeth shortly after applying it. So, I’m definitely sticking to my technique of simply blotting the inside of my lips to eliminate transfer.

Hack or Wack: Wack

Blended Bright Lip

For this next hack, @123go encourages users to add concealer around their lips to tone down a bright lipstick color. At first, I thought this would make my lip line disappear into my foundation, but the hack actually surprised me and worked! The lipstick and concealer blended perfectly and left me with a more muted, neutral color.

Hack or Wack: Hack

Creative Concealer

Next, I tried a hack from user @classycleanchic. In her short video, she shows viewers a new way to apply undereye concealer. Instead of applying the product in a triangular shape, she places it by her nose and near the corner of her eye and blends it all in.

This hack definitely worked for me, as the product blended in very nicely and further out than my normal technique. It helps highlight the undereye area and provides a good base for actual highlighter.

Hack or Wack: Hack

Game-Changing Eyeliner

If you’re someone with hooded eyelids, then this hack from @thiccyhippie is for you! The trick is to draw your wing from the corner of your eye, place little dots from the wing to your lash line (while your eyes are open) and then fill it in. When your eyes are closed, the eyeliner will look a little funny, but when they’re open, you’ll have a perfect wing.

I’ve never been able to construct the perfect winged eyeliner, but this method actually worked! It’s an easy way to create a wing, and the technique really fixes the issue of eyeliner disappearing in hooded eyelids. I will definitely be using this hack moving forward.

Hack or Wack: Hack

3 Step Mascara


How to make your lashes look like falsies without falsies 👀✨ #beautyhacks #beautytips #fyp #foryou #makeup

♬ original sound – Mirella

I’m always looking for new hacks for mascara to maximize my lash length and volume. TikTok user @mirellabelle’s hack shows viewers how to apply mascara in a three-step process: coat lash tips first, then the middle and then go down to the root.

Not only will it give you fuller lashes, but it helps keep them looking on point throughout the day. After trying this hack, my lashes looked longer, and my curl lasted all day long. 10/10 recommend.

Hack or Wack: Hack

Although only some of these tricks worked, this was a really fun experiment! I definitely recommend giving the hacks a try for yourself to see what works for you.

What other makeup hacks do you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

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