‘It’s like having a Lamborghini and just driving up and down the driveway’ — Hairstylist Richard Mannah on How to Maximize BaBylissPRO’s Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron



Throughout his career as a hairdresser working in his native Australia, London, New York and now, Miami, Richard Mannah always used BaBylissPRO products. “The tools are so reliable and I find that they’re constantly creating new tools for us as hairdressers,” says Mannah. Since then, his love for BaBylissPRO and their tools has blossomed into a proper partnership. For the past six months, Mannah has been working alongside BaBylissPRO calling it “the perfect marriage.” 

The Tease had the opportunity to talk with world-renowned Mannah to get the inside scoop on all things BaBylissPRO and why their Nano Titanium 1½” Spring Curling Iron — engineered with advanced technology — is creating waves of the future. Mannah says “It’s really the small details that make it different.” 

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The Tease: Why do you love the Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron?

Richard Mannah: They have the Sole Gel Nano Titanium Ceramic Coated barrel for smooth shiny curls. And I think why that’s important, you know, the beach wave when you kind of curl, drag, curl, drag — that coat makes the hair glide off the curling iron so much smoother. Because you gotta remember you’ve got something that’s attaching it to it, the clip, right? And some other curling irons, when you do that, it kind of, it pulls the hair slightly. So, to have that coat allows the hair, the tool to heat up much quicker but also for it to drag much smoother.

They also have the turbo heat button, which I absolutely love. So they got the heat gauge, and when you push it, it’s a turbo release of heat. And why that’s unique from any other curling iron — I don’t know any other curling Iron that has that — is when you’re setting hair with a curling iron for beautiful waves, hair needs to be heated up as much as it needs to be cooled down. And the hotter it is, the more control you have to manipulate the hair.

So when you curl the hair and set it and you press that turbo boost button, it shoots extra heat really quickly to save you time and to give you that extra heat to set [hair] in that place. Then you let that cool down and it gives you that beautiful bouncy bombshell blowout or wave that you’re looking for.

What makes the Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron so innovative for Pros?

Mannah: The whole, to be honest, the whole mechanism and the whole balance of the curling iron itself, where the clip is, where the turbo button is, where the off button is, all of these little things make it unique and different, you know. I’ve worked with curling irons before, like I said, where it kind of pulls the hair slightly or it actually marks the hair when you put the clamp down… I think that the technology of how it’s slightly curved and how it’s sitting on the actual tool…

I think that a lot of people don’t experiment enough with this tool. And what I mean by that is there’s so many different waves you can create with this tool. Obviously, you can create that beautiful wave, you can create more of a beach wave, you can create slightly more of an s-bend all depending on how you use that tool.

Do you have a favorite look that you like to create using the Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron?

Mannah: So, lately I’ve been doing this, you know, the relaxed wave which works really well on the 1.5 inch, you can do it on the 1.25 inch, but it does give you a tighter wave, which I’m more into the lazy wave. But, the other one I like is, I did a shoot for an extension company, their campaign recently, and I literally just set all the hair, starting from the front, we always start from the front so you get maximum volume, work all the way through, you know, you clip it back in, you use the Turbo Boost and just brushing it out. It just gives you maximum volume and movement.

Do you have any other go-to tips for pros when using the curling iron?

Mannah: To use that Turbo boost button. Honestly, it’s a world of difference, especially when you’re setting the hair, it just gives you that added heat. So much quicker to help you set the hair. I think a lot of people don’t use something because they’re not used to it. So I challenge people to actually maximize the tool that you have. It’s like having a Lamborghini and just driving up and down the driveway. There’s so much more to do with it, you know.

I would challenge people to utilize the unique points of that particular tool. In this case, the Turbo Heat Booster Button is just to give you that added heat. And the other one would be to experiment, definitely, with the tool to create different looks.

To shop the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1½” Spring Curling Iron, visit babylisspro.com. For more on BaBylissPRO products, including exciting launches to come, follow the brand on Instagram.

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