It’s Time to Step Up Your Styling, King. Mailroom Barber Co. is Here to Help.


Let me start off by saying, I am not a hair professional. However, I am a guy who knows what he likes and can be pretty picky. I like to keep my haircare routine pretty relaxed but I do have some specific standards for the products I use.

For the last six years I’ve been working as  a photographer in the pro beauty industry  And, in that time, I have had all sorts of hairstyles — from long and luxurious to a grimy white-trash mullet. 

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With that being said, my criteria for what products I put in my hair is pretty simple: it has to be ethically sourced and manufactured, and it has to be as natural as possible. And, if I can, I prefer to stay away from the big brands in order to help support small businesses. 

Somehow I found a company whose products ticked every one of my boxes – Mailroom Barber Co. I first came across this brand in late 2018 at a local denim shop back in Madison, Wisconsin. I was new to short hair after having 16 inches cut off and needed some styling pomade. At the time, I purchased their medium hold pomade, which I loved, and it lasted me quite a long time. 

Once I ran out of my first helping, I went to the web to restock. However, Mailroom Barber Co. made changes to their product lineup and stopped production of the pomade I loved. I wrestled with their new offerings to find the perfect replacement. After going back and forth on their site and reading every description and watching every video, I made my decision and took a shot. I gave their Texture Cream ($25.00) a try. 

Since it wasn’t labeled as a pomade, I was a little worried about how it would work for me… but my worries were misplaced. It turns out that I like this texture cream WAY more than the pomade I was using before. The light creamy texture spreads super easily through wet or dry hair. It has a light tacky (but not too tacky) hold that gives my hair just enough stick, but also doesn’t FEEL sticky or heavy at all. Plus,  this texture cream also provides heat protection (which I’m sure a lot of guys don’t think about). Also, the piney Redwood fragrance did not disappoint. I love an earthy, woodsy scent and this one came through perfectly, and definitely would pair well with any nature based scents.

While I read through their entire catalog of products, I kept coming back to the Texture Salt Spray ($23.75). As someone who lives further east in Los Angeles, I, unfortunately, don’t have direct access to the spray of the Pacific Ocean. I thought this product would be a good substitute. I love what the ocean does to my hair, you know? The feeling of a little natural crunch. The exaggeration of volume and texture. I just dont think it can be beat. Being able to replicate that without the smell of aquatic life sounded great. The spray came in the exact same Redwood scent as the texture cream, so I definitely had to add to cart and make my order. 

Image Courtesy of Tom Borges

After using this spray,  I can honestly say I am a big fan. It gives my hair the perfect salty crunch and grit, while also leaving a clean feeling and a refreshing scent. Plus, paired with the texture cream, it gives my hair the perfect weight and hold for that  messy look I’m always aiming for. 

I love how easy it is to incorporate both of these products into my styling routine, as well as how good they look on my shelf. All of Mailroom Barber Co.’’s products come packaged in amber glass bottles with beautifully simple labels based on vintage and antique marketing. You better believe the packaging will be reused in my house.  

Image Courtesy of Tom Borges

If you are a fella that’s looking for the right hair product, or want to drop a hint to your significant other to step. It. up.  I can not recommend Mailroom Barber Co. enough. And, I’m not just saying that, I genuinely love these products. Honestly I would buy their whole line up if I had the shelf space, or a beard, or felt like making my hair look “nice”. 

Have you tried any of Mailroom Barber Co.’s products? Let us know in the comments below!

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