January Jones Debuts “Kicky Texture” Thanks to Celeb Stylist Janine Jarman and Curl Cult


Janine Jarman, salon owner, celebrity hairstylist, and founder of the revolutionary in-salon texturizing service, Curl Cult, posted a shocking transformation to her Instagram featuring actress and icon (hello, “Mad Men”) January Jones. January, already a long-time client, had recently undergone a big chop and even though the cut looked amazing, Jarman says the actress “was struggling to get it to hold a style.” After a 90 minute service, January’s hair was newly effortless and perfectly unfussy looking, full of what Jarman perfectly describes as “kicky texture.”

Jarman spent seven years reinventing the perm and creating Curl Cult — sourcing vegan ingredients from Italy, rethinking the application process, and obsessing over every molecule until it was just right. Her protein infused texture service allows stylists to create waves and curls without sacrificing hair health. And clients can expect results that last!

The Tease connected with Jarman about all things Curl Cult and January’s new look, including exactly how to recreate for other short-haired clients who may be stuck in a styling rut! Keep scrolling for more.

Get the Look:

Jarman says, “this is a perfect example of being so much more than a perm, it’s a texture solution. The process was easy, I prepped the hair with MAGIC SPELL and REVIVE to add extra protection to her very blonde ends. Processed for 15 minutes, neutralized for 15 more, and then rinsed and styled. She was in and out of the salon in 90 minutes!” 

  1. Curl Cult’s LIBERATE solution goes over clean damp hair, using any of the preferred tools for the desired curl tightness, whether it be rods or a simple braid
  2. After processing anywhere from 15-35 minutes, the REGENERATE neutralizer is applied right over top without having to rinse and blot in between. 
  3. After another 15 minutes of process, the rods or braids can be removed
  4. Finally, the hair can be rinsed, conditioned, and styled all in less than 90 minutes 

Easy to care for, after the first 48 hours the perm can be washed with the Curl Cult REFRESH & REVIVE hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Used in combination with MAGIC SPELL leave-in conditioner and ENHANCE moisturizing curl cream, January’s rockstar waves will last for 2-3 months. Perfect for anyone looking for an effortless everyday, wash-and-go style. 

For information on how stylists can offer Curl Cult services, register on Curl Cult’s website, curlcult.com, and take their free online certification in just 30 minutes. For clients looking to book Curl Cult services, like January’s, the brand has a convenient salon locator that brings texture to everyone.

To keep up with all things Curl Cult, follow them on Instagram.  

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