John Frieda Launches Inaugural House of Frieda Expert Collective


John Frieda Hair Care is calling on some of the hair industry’s best and brightest stars for an exciting new launch. The haircare brand recently unveiled its first-ever collective of haircare experts, called House of Frieda. 

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Made up of six of the world’s best stylists, beauty writers, and content creators, this multifaceted collective has been tapped to educate consumers on the brand’s product range. Along with creating content that showcases the transformative benefits of John Frieda’s products, the House of Frieda experts will also serve as media spokespeople and act as a “think tank” to ensure that their hair expertise is infused into the brand’s future plans. Additionally, the collective will serve as a liaison between consumers and the John Frieda brand, levering their own social channels and relationship with their clients. 

“With the House of Freida, we are going back to our roots,” says Marissa Vallillo, Director of Marketing at John Frieda Hair Care. “Our salon heritage has driven our brand to create breakthrough, game-changing products that make our consumers feel like they have a piece of that expertise in every bottle. I am excited to partner with this incredibly talented team of stylists and creators to help us showcase how powerful the transformative benefits of our brand can be.”

This expert-led programming kicks off this fall and runs through 2024 and beyond. Each member of the House of Frieda collective will have their own curated bundle featured on the brand’s website and their content will be showcased across their respective social media platforms as well as the brand’s channels. Their presence will extend across the digital landscape—from Instagram to TikTok—as well as the brand’s website.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the six members who will be making up the House of Frieda collective. 

Meet the Members of the Inaugural House of Frieda Collective

Laura Polko, (@laurapolko)

Along with being a highly sought-after beauty influencer in LA, Polko is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand celebrity hairstylists. Her talent, creativity, and signature “chic cool girl hair” styling has led her to work with numerous A-list celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Emma Chamberlain, Haley Lu, and Hailee Steinfeld. Her work has graced the pages of top fashion and beauty publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and more.

David Stanwell, (@davestanwell)

Working as both a celebrity hairstylist and a groomer, Stanwell has become a trendsetter in the entertainment and beauty industry. His artistic vision and ability to customize hairstyles to each of his individual clients have brought a fresh perspective to the industry. Stanwell’s impressive roster of celebrity clients includes Jenna Ortega, James Marsden, Rachel Brosnahan, Octavia Spencer, Lilli Reinhart, and more.

Carly Cardellino, (@carlycardellino)

Cardellino is a distinguished figure in the beauty world who is renowned for her impressive career. She is the former Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan Magazine and has had her work published in Byrdie, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Into the Gloss, Coveteur, and more. Cardellino is also a beauty expert, content creator consultant, and freelance beauty writer. In 2020, she embarked on an independent venture to create content across social media for brands that resonate with her. She has a diverse, engaged audience encompassing celebrities, industry tastemakers, experts, editors, and consumers, making her a respected and sought-after voice in beauty and fashion.

Greta Wilson, (@itsgretawilson)

As a content creator, Wilson’s authentic and easy-to-follow hair tutorials have amassed a following of over 770k and her own personal hair care routine has gone completely viral, with over 7 million views and counting with the hashtag #gretawavyhairroutine.

Marina Angioletti, (@curlsbymarina)

Angioletti is a content creator and curly hair enthusiast based in NYC. She has expressed her struggles over the years in appreciating her natural hair and has fostered a community in the online sphere in which she connects with others in embracing their curly, textured hair.

Elba Rodriguez

Image courtesy of John Frieda

A NYC-based salon stylist, Rodriguez has worked both in the salon and on the road with the John Freida brand for over 20 years, educating consumers on how to use the products to achieve any looks they desire.

For all things John Freida, be sure to follow @johnfriedaus on Instagram.

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