John Paul Mitchell Systems Names New CEO and President


Big things are happening at John Paul Mitchell Systems. The professional hair care and styling brand recently announced the promotion of Michaeline DeJoria to Chief Executive Officer. In her new role as CEO, she will be responsible for driving and directing overarching brand strategies across key channels including product, marketing, and digital to usher in a new era of innovation and increased market share on a global level for JPMS.

JPMS CEO, Michaeline DeJoria

“This is a tremendous honor, and a lifelong dream of mine,” said DeJoria, in a statement. “I have a huge amount of passion and dedication to this company, and to our industry, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to take us to new heights. JPMS will continue to think outside the box and show year over year growth. I look forward to reimagining our future and pushing us to new bounds, while of course maintaining the beautiful ethos that this company was founded on.”

As the daughter of JPMS cofounder John Paul DeJoria, DeJoria has a long and unique history with the company, having spent her childhood in Los Angeles where she would often visit her father’s office. She later began working at JPMS in 2007, first starting on the production plant floor. Ultimately, she became the Vice Chairman, where she has played a significant role in directing the company’s future development of all brands. In fact, a few of the recent initiatives that she has spearheaded include COVID-19 relief efforts with a $4 million salon jumpstart stimulus package, the launch of the brand’s first-ever clean beauty line Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty, a venture into AI technology with Hair AI powered by Fitskin, and the announcement of the brand’s first-ever Global Ambassador, style icon Winnie Harlow.

DeJoria pictured with Paul Mitchell Global Ambassador Winnie Harlow

“Michaeline has dedicated most of her life to the professional salon haircare industry and JPMS,” said John Paul DeJoria. “On a personal note, I am proud that she did not inherit this position — she earned it through hard work and capability, and the proof is in the incredible results her actions have achieved.”

Along with bringing extensive experience and expertise to her new role, DeJoria also brings a millennial edge as one of the industry’s youngest CEOs. With her finger on the pulse of industry trends and her savvy digital expertise to anticipate what’s next, there’s no doubt about her ability to spark new innovation for the iconic hair care portfolio.

Joining DeJoria in a new position at JPMS is Jason Yates, who was recently promoted from Chief Operating Officer to President of the company.

JPMS COO, Jason Yates

Yates has been with JPMS since 2012 when he served as the Vice President of Marketing and later expanded his leadership role to include the sales department. In 2018, he was promoted to COO where he oversaw all the daily operations of JPMS worldwide.

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*Correction: An earlier version of this article claimed that David Yates was promoted to COO of JPMS. We apologize for this mistake and have corrected the article as well as its title to reflect his current position as President of JPMS.

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