Level-Up The Good Vibes With These Home Fragrances


Over the last few months, we’ve all been spending a lot of our time at home. Staying in the same place for a long time can be difficult, so you may be looking for ways to change up your surroundings. One way to transform your living space is by adding a new fragrance.

From candles to room sprays, here are 7 fragrance products guaranteed to enhance your home’s vibe.

Gilded Carrera White Marble Candle


Gilded’s Carrera White Marble Candle will add luxe scents of orange blossom, lavender, fig tree and more to your home. The candles are handmade, created in small batches and will last up to 40 hours. You can even purchase a subscription to receive wax refills once it burns out!

Promising review: Katrina says, “This candle is hands down the nicest one I’ve ever owned. I treasure it and love the refillable feature.”

YVY Naturals Cleaner


Another pleasantly scented product your home needs is YVY Naturals’ All Purpose Cleaner. It uses natural agents from citrus fruits to add a refreshing citrus fragrance to your home as you clean. Not to mention, the bottles are reusable, needing only water and the provided capsules to get the job done.

Promising review: Marissa says, “There are so many reasons to love this product. The smell is wonderful, and I love using it. Also, you are using way less plastic!”

Bath & Body Works Wallflower


The Marshmallow Fireside Wallflower from Bath & Body Works is the perfect summer scent! With notes of smoldering woods and roasted vanilla, this wallflower will transform your home into the camping trip you wish you were on. Just pair it with your choice of plug, and you’re good to go!

Promising review: Maggie says, “This wallflower is the only one that I feel I can smell through my entire house. Once I plug it in, it immediately starts to make my house smell like sweet marshmallows over a lit fire.”

NEOM Wellbeing Diffuser


NEOM’s Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser not only fills your home with your favorite natural scents, but it also gives you a wellbeing boost! Each essential oil blend is formulated to suit your mood and will bring positive vibes into your home. All you have to do is press a button, and the natural fragrances will disperse throughout your home.

Promising review: Camila says, “The Wellbeing Pod is an absolute staple around my home. I love how I can change the fragrance each time I put it on!”

Lit Candle Supply Room Spray


Another fragrance product your home needs is Lit Candle Supply’s Room Spray. They’re great for refreshing a bedroom or living space, and the scents will linger from day to night. With several scents and sassy phrases to pick from, there is something for everyone!

Promising review: Asher says, “These are packaged beautifully, got to me safe and filled my entire home with this amazing scent. Will definitely be buying again.”

Harlem Candle Co. Sugar Hill Candle


Harlem Candle Co. has a luxury candle for every space, but their Sugar Hill Candle is everything. It’s made with a burst of lemon, lavender, honeyed vanilla and crystallized sugar, making for a sweet, enticing fragrance. Not to mention, its burn time is up to 80 hours!

Promising review: Cathy says, “Not only does this candle come in a gorgeous container, but it is also a clean, lovely scent. I can’t wait to try another of these beautiful candles!”

Paddywax Reed Diffuser


Last but not least, Paddywax’s Reed Diffusers are perfect for those looking for a flame-less, subtle fragrance in their home. There are many different scents to pick from, making it easy to find the perfect one for you.

Promising review: Tanya says, “Love this so much. I keep one in my bedroom and another in my bathroom because the scent is so subtle and clean.”

Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

What’s your favorite home fragrance product? Sound off below!

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