Olivia Garden’s New Essentials Line Offers Solutions to Salons Planning to Re-Open


As salons and barbershops begin to re-open across the US, professionals are looking for ways to make sure they do so safely. Olivia Garden is making it easier to prepare for the “new normal” by launching a line of safety equipment needed to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19. The new OG Essentials products will help salon professionals step up precautions to ensure a safe environment for themselves and their clients.

Here is everything that’s included as part of OG Essentials.

OG Essentials Bags

The OG Essentials CLEAN Bags are self-sealing bags made to safely store tools after disinfection. The single-use bags come in three different sizes with the ability to store brushes, combs, clips, towels and capes. Plus, they’re 100% recyclable.

OG Essentials Chair Covers

The OG Essentials CLEAN Chair Covers are single-use, chemical resistant and waterproof. They are 100% recyclable and fit most chair sizes. Additionally, the chair covers work in two different ways. Stylists can either have clients sit on the cover as a barrier to the chair or use it to protect a disinfected chair until their client arrives.

OG Essentials Capes

The OG Essentials Disposable Capes are perfect for clients’ use while in the salon. They’re sanitary, waterproof and chemical resistant. They come in one size, which fits most, and conveniently tie at the neck. They’re also single-use and 100% recyclable.

OG Essentials Face Masks

The OG Essentials Face Masks are non-medical masks perfect for stylists and clients. They are single-use, disposable and use a three ply non-woven fabric that filters airborne particles.

The OG Essentials line also offers reusable fabric face masks that contain a sleeve to insert a disposable mask for extra protection.

OG Essentials Face Shields

The OG Essentials line also includes plastic face shields to use along with a face mask. They are reusable, anti-fog and include an elastic headband with an adjustable buckle. They come in one size that fits all and have a protective film that’s to be removed after purchase.

OG Essentials Gloves

The OG Essentials Disposable Gloves are professional grade vinyl gloves that come in either clear or black. They come in three different sizes to fit every stylist. Plus, they’re chemical resistant and can be disposed of in between clients.

The first items in the OG Essentials line are arriving on oliviagarden.com and will continue to drop at your favorite beauty suppliers over the next couple of months. Disposable face masks are available for order now!

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