RadSwan Just Added Clip-In Extensions to Their Lineup


Let it be known that Black women are the ultimate hair shapeshifters. We have the unique ability to switch styles, textures, and lengths with a general ease that few can only aspire to master. But, as strong as our hair switch up game is, sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to spend hours manipulating our natural curls, coils, and kinks into our next hairstyle. 

Lucky for us, RadSwan totally understands our desire to change up our look at a moment’s notice. After modernizing the wig market with their innovative range of recyclable synthetic wigs, the Black-owned hair brand is now looking to open up an entirely new world of hair possibilities for Black women everywhere with their new clip-in extension collection, RadClips—and we couldn’t be more excited!

With the goal of celebrating and empowering Black women, RadSwan offers a range of four clip-in styles ($69.00 each)—which flow between a voluminous afro and a sleek blowout— that have all been designed with synthetic hair of the highest quality. Similar to their wigs, each of the RadClips are numbered 1,2,3,4 instead of being given a name so as to not attach any sort of identity to the style. And unlike most hair extensions that never quite match our beautiful textures, these clip-ins blend seamlessly with our own natural hair to add volume, length, or additional texture to our curls and coils.

In addition to being  absolutely gorgeous, these clip-ins are also super easy to apply thanks to their fine metal clips with silicone endings that can even provide grip to cornrowed hair. Not to mention, one bundle of hair can confidently cover your entire head, so you’re really getting your money’s worth with these extensions. 

Keep scrolling for a detailed look at the collection and to shop all the styles.

RadClip 01

For added volume and perfectly defined, you’ll want to reach for this clip-extension. While it’s initially set in a “s” shape coil, after gently combing it out with a brush or your finger, the curls drop into a beautiful natural state.

Shop: RadClip 01, $69.00

RadClip 02

Achieve a soft and natural blowout without adding any stress on your natural locks with this clip-in extension. This style serves serious volume and offers the versatility of switching between an array of looks—blowout, ponytail, or even half updo— in seconds.

Shop: RadClip 02, $69.00

RadClip 03

Want kinky curls that are volumized, vibrant, and defined? If so, this clip-in style is your perfect match. Lightweight and full of texture, it’s soft, naturally z-shaped curls will provide your locks with tons of amazing body.

Shop: RadClip 03, $69.00 *Will be shipped out mid-December*

RadClip 04

Shop: RadClip 04, $69.00 *Will be shipped out mid-December*

For more information about the RadClips collection, be sure to visit their official website or follow @radswan on Instagram. 

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Camille Nzengung

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