RealHer Celebrates Women’s Inner & Outer Beauty


Founded by Bill Xiang and Megan Merid, RealHer is a makeup brand meant to “inspire women to be independent, successful and fulfilled.” Offering everything from lipstick to beauty tools, RealHer uses prestige makeup and inspiring products to empower women to recognize their beauty and worth.

Wanting to create a space for their daughters to feel valued and confident, the founders not only prioritize creating luxury products, but they recognize the importance of supporting community as well. Although their focus is mainly women, the brand is for everyone who needs a little extra motivation in their lives. They even host an “Empower Hour” on Instagram Live to give strong women a platform to use their voice and share their stories.

Empowering Products

On top of their impressive work to support the community, RealHer also uses inspiring words in their cruelty-free products to remind women of their value. Their offerings include lip products, eye shadows and liners, highlighters and more. To ensure that users feel beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, the brand uses positive affirmations in place of product names. With names such as “You are Brilliant,” “Conquer from Within” and “Eye am Resilient,” each product supports and encourages you with every swipe of lipstick and dab of blush.

Giving Back

In line with their work to empower women, RealHer collaborates with many different organizations, like WISEPlace, Girls on the Run and more, to give back. Along with volunteering, providing products and working events, the brand also makes donations and provides a platform for groups making positive change in the world.

Most notably, RealHer works with GEANCO to help support women in Nigeria. GEANCO is a foundation dedicated to transforming lives, providing medical care and aiding young women who experience hardship. RealHer works with GEANCO to raise funds by offering original artwork created by young women to raise awareness and further the cause. A donation as small as $1 gives you access to a handcrafted piece of art in the form of a digital file that you are encouraged to repurpose.

Needless to say, RealHer is the perfect brand for those wanting to support a good cause while feeling beautiful.

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