recurrent Makes Hair & Skin Care Easy for Gen Z

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One brand shaking up the beauty industry for young adults is recurrent. Co-founded by Tamar Rosenthal and Nava Unterman Ulmer, recurrent is a hair and skin care brand that’s judgement-free, good for the environment and dedicated to giving back.

Do It for Gen Z

One thing that sets recurrent apart is their commitment to Gen Z. Striving for a more inclusive society and a cleaner tomorrow, recurrent is delivering products that reflect the group’s values — not conforming to gender norms, caring about the environment and giving back to the community.

For starters, their products are gender-neutral, providing the younger generation with safe, easy and effective options for their personal hygiene routines. Fruity smells are no longer reserved just for girls, and woodsy scents are not just for boys. With recurrent, young adults don’t have to use products based on the gender they identify as.

Natural Products That Work

Additionally, all recurrent products are toxin-free, swapping out harmful ingredients for safer alternatives that actually work. Unlike other hygiene products currently available, their line is formulated with young adults in mind. Aimed towards those with changing, hormonal bodies, all products support their overall health.

The recurrent face wash is a powder formula that uses the reishi mushroom to clear acne without drying the skin. The unique ingredient is new to the space but contains great acne-fighting properties. Furthermore, their deodorant includes shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, arrowroot powder and reishi mushroom to help feel and smell fresh. Not to mention, it’s aluminum-free and fragrance-free! Lastly, the 2:1 shampoo + body wash also uses refined shea butter, coconut oil and reishi mushroom to simplify shower routines with cleaner formulas.

While the line remains minimal at this time, recurrent will soon include bigger bottles, customizable scents and more.

Supporting the Community

Recurrent recognizes that young adults need safe and effective products and information. So, not only do they offer high powered hair and skin care, but they also provide information that is curated and researched specifically to answer hygiene questions. Their highly curated blog features pieces on body, hair and oral care, as well as hygiene information and quizzes.

In addition to directly supporting young adults, recurrent also donates products and a portion of their sales to Hope & Comfort, an organization working to end hygiene insecurity by providing products and education to young adults. The organization distributes recurrent’s hygiene products to those who are in need.

Needless to say, recurrent is changing the hair and skin care game for the better — and for the future. Click here to shop the line. And be sure to follow the brand on Instagram for more