Scrub Away the Winter

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Ready to start thinking of warmer weather and the sunshine? Well don’t forget the change in wellness routine that comes with it! The sun and humidity can be a big change for your skin after its been hiding from the wind and frigid temperatures under scarfs and coats for the past few months.

Here are some tips to prep your skin for the warmer weather:

  1. Spring cleaning
    1. This applies to not just your home but your bathroom cabinets as well! Get rid of any old beauty products that have expired or that you just don’t need anymore. Especially, dispose of any old brushes that are actually just sitting around holding bacteria.
  • Exfoliate
    • Scrub your skin to get rid of your dead/dry winter skin to promote new cell generation that will make your skin glow
  • Stay Hydrated
    • Drink lots of water to flush out toxins to promote clearer, glowing skin
  • Lighter cream/lotion/conditioner
    • Focus on water-based moisturizers, no need for heavy oil-based creams as your skin will already be more moisturized from the humidity than it was in the colder months
  • Add SPF
    • You need to make the switch from winter repairing mode to sun prevention/protection mode, make sure your daily moisturizers have SPF in them to protect from the sun’s rays

Get excited! Warmer weather is just around the corner.