Sea Moss — The Hottest New Wellness Ingredient for Nourished Hair 


Recently, one of the most hyped-up supplements in the wellness space is sea moss. On TikTok, #seamoss has over 715 million views with a plentiful amount of celebrities and influencers voicing their love and support for the product. Fans of sea moss claim that the nutrient-dense supplement has helped them with a range of issues, from clearer skin and losing weight to a healthier gut and increased immune system. A quick Google search shows that various industries have leapt at the opportunity to tap into the sea moss trend, the most recent being the hair industry. 

First things first, sea moss isn’t FDA-approved, so it’s worth noting that more research is needed to confirm its benefits. Sea moss is a more sustainable way of obtaining vitamins and minerals and is available in a variety of forms: it’s not only sold ‘raw’, but also as gummies, powders, pills, lotions and most commonly, gel. 

But be careful! Unfortunately, due to the increased demand of sea moss, some businesses are selling ‘fake’ sea moss otherwise known as rope-grown moss which contains no nutrients. When looking into purchasing sea moss products, it’s important that all sea moss should be naturally and organically grown in order for the moss to gain its mineral density.

When it comes to hair, good quality sea moss is a rich source of iodine, sulfur, zinc, and vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are essential for promoting healthy hair growth and improving overall hair and scalp health. In addition, sea moss is full of amino acids and proteins making it a natural conditioner that can help soften and moisturize the hair, ultimately reducing breakage and improving its texture. On top of all of these benefits, sea moss is even thought to have anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe a dry or itchy scalp. 

Being so versatile, sea moss is used in various forms of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and gels, and can even be added to hair masks for more benefits!

Check out our favorite sea moss hair products:

MIELLE Sea Moss Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil

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If you’re in need of a little boost, MIELLE has got you covered! Formulated with Irish Sea Moss and Saw Palmetto, this hair oil is perfect for giving your scalp a glow up. MIELLE’s Sea Moss Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil simultaneously feeds the scalp and hair with potent nourishment to help reduce excessive shedding due to breakage. This lightweight oil improves the condition of the scalp as it imparts nutrient dense moisture for healthier looking hair.

Shop: Sea Moss Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil, $11.99.

LOVE UR SELF Irish Sea Moss Gel

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Irish Sea Moss holds 50x its weight in water allowing this product to drench your hair in moisture and hydration! This hair gel is formulated with a proprietary blend of Passion Fruit, Açai, and Rice Bran Oil which acts as a natural silicone replacement, reducing frizz, adding shine and making your curls incredibly soft. Using hair resurfacing technology, these ingredients fill in and repair cracks in the hair cuticle that form as a result of damage. 

Shop: LUV UR SELF Irish Sea Moss Gel, $22.00.

Curls Powerhouse Sea Moss Cleanser

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The Powerhouse Sea Moss Cleanser is a natural detox and purifying shampoo that promotes scalp health and encourages production of sebum in the scalp by drawing out toxins and free radicals. Not only is this product anti-microbial, but also anti-oxidant and anti-fungal. This curl cleanser makes sure that the scalp stays moisturized, dandruff-free, and poised to grow healthy looking and feeling hair!

Shop: Curls Powerhouse Sea Moss Cleanser, $14.99.

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