Sex and the City Just Turned 25, And We Couldn’t Help But Look Back at Carrie Bradshaw’s Hair(volution)


Even after 25 years, Carrie Bradshaw remains the IT girl. Played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie is notably idolized for her spunky wardrobe, love of Fendi Baguette bags, and her obsession for footwear (specifically her Manolo Blahniks). 

Of course, the fashion of Sex and the City is undeniably iconic, but the hair is too. With the second season of And Just Like That… recently premiering, we thought what better way to celebrate than to take a moment to reminisce on all of the legendary hair moments of no one other than Miss Carrie Bradshaw. 

While Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda certainly had their style moments, Carrie continually pushed boundaries with her ever-changing fashion aesthetic. Throughout the SATC franchise, Carrie’s iconic blond curls have very well served as a character of their own, evolving alongside our favorite New York romantic. Celebrity hairstylist Sacha Quarles was responsible for styling Carrie’s staple golden locks as he was the key hairstylist for SATC seasons 2-4.  From Carrie’s trademarked tousled curls to the curly bob in season four and those brown beachy waves in the Sex and the City: The Movie, there seemingly isn’t a hairstyle that our favorite New Yorker wouldn’t try once. 

To celebrate the return of everyone’s beloved girlfriends (including Samantha), keep scrolling for a homage to Carrie’s hair evolution! 

SATC first premiered in 1998 with Carrie’s shoulder length messy mane of curls. Throughout the beginning seasons of the series, we see Carrie quite literally roll out of bed and shake her hair out — she never brushes it. These imperfect ringlets are what make Carrie so relatable to so many people who watched the show. They’re a stark contrast to her cutting edge outfits, always remaining effortless and untamed. It sure is true beauty, but with a real-life flair. 

In Season 2 of SATC, Carrie maintained her effortless natural hair texture, just with a few more inches of it. This sassy blonde bombshell look is one of our favorites, especially when paired with her iconic gold ‘Carrie” necklace. 

Every now and then Carrie would swap out her normal curls for a sleek straight look and we are totally here for it. Even when Carrie’s hair was straightened, it remained wispy and effortless with long layers and face-framing pieces. 

Whether Carrie’s hair was curly or straight or she was dressed up or down, one thing is for sure…she could always pull off a chic oversized bun. As Carrie always says, “I can never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.”

Like most people who go through a major breakup, Carrie opted for a bold chop at the end of season 4 — her most dramatic transformation of the entire series. This transformation was influenced by her breakup with Aiden, officially marking the end of relationship and the end of her long hair era (don’t worry Carrie, we’ve all been there!). Carrie’s bob was not just a blunt cut, but filled with volume and texture. If you have curly hair and are considering a chop or you are simply just looking for a change, this is your sign to do it!

To commemorate the show’s season coming to an end, Carrie teased viewers with this voluminous blowout. This look was reminiscent of her classic curls in seasons one and two — the perfect homage to the sex columnist and hopeless romantic we all fell in love with back in ‘98. 

By the end of the series (or so we thought), Carrie returned to her curly roots — this time, slightly looser and darker.  This elegant transformation not only symbolized a new and improved matured version of Carrie, but also made Carrie’s blue-green eyes pop. 

Which of Carrie’s hairstyles is your favorite? Share with us @readthetease on Instagram!

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Corbin Woessner

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