SexyHair Brings the Magic of the Metaverse to Haircare With Its Latest Launch


Ready to create the hair looks of your wildest dreams? Achieving larger-than-life hair just got way easier thanks to the launch of SexyHair’s new Metaverse collection, which features the brand’s cult-favorite Spray N’ Play Harder hairspray in two limited-edition fragrances.

Inspired by the fantastical nature of beauty in the virtual world, this otherworldly haircare collection invites hair lovers to take their hair to a whole new world of volume. With these new versions of the volumizing hairspray, SexyHair fans can expect the same 120 hour hold, 10x volume, and flake-free finish that they already know and love, but with the added bonus of two dazzling new scents: Dream Catcher and Stargazer

Image courtesy of SexyHair

Mesmerizing and alluring, the Dream Catcher fragrances give off ethereal vibes with its notes of candied mandarin and sweet almond cream. As for the Stargazer fragrance, its sparkling notes of starfruit and purple magnolia are quite addicting. Regardless of whether you consider yourself more of a Dream Catcher or a Stargazer, you really can’t go wrong with either of these magical scents.

SexyHair sent me samples of the two hairsprays ahead of the launch and I pretty much fell in love at first spritz with the Dream Catcher fragrance. I found the Stargazer scent to be equally as lovely and have been switching between the two bottles when my hair needs a little volume (and a pick-me-up in the form of a delicious scent) before I head out the door.

If you want in on this new SexyHair launch and are ready to take your hair to new heights, the Metaverse collection is available now at select retailers including Amazon and Ulta Beauty. And to stay updated on all things SexyHair, make sure to follow @sexyhair on Instagram.

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