Sustainable Fashion Label Dauphinette Launches First Fragrance 


Since its launch in 2018, the New York-based label Dauphinette has budded into a successful and noteworthy name in the sphere of sustainable fashion. Founded by 25-year-old designer Olivia Cheng, the brand originated as one-of-a-kind upcycled vintage jackets sourced from the Midwest. In five years, it has grown to include ready-to-wear as well as accessories, and Cheng’s designs have made appearances in the Met as well as several New York Fashion Weeks. Most recently, the eclectic and bubbly brand has ventured into the beauty world with the release of its first–ever fragrance, 369. 

Packaged in a gorgeous glass bottle, complete with a handmade resin dandelion mushroom cap, 369 boasts stunning visuals, ensuring it’s a perfect addition to your vanity. The formula is even more pleasing, layering fresh lemon and fig over soft musk, orchard milk, and Hinoki wood.  

When describing the perfume, Cheng recounts how she sought out a fragrance that evoked guiltlessness: “She’s a heavenly, monstrous little fragrance that doesn’t care who you know, who you love, or what you do—she just wants you to smell fucking delicious.” Cheng also details the ways in which 369 holds depth, and how users will notice a shift in the scent throughout the day. 

Image courtesy of Dauphinette

Cheng recommends two spritzes on the wrist: “Out of the bottle she’s sharp, crisp, and vegetal, thanks to the hardworking throuple of lemon, fig, and tomato leaf. Sniff again in fifteen minutes and she’s warmer, softer, and a touch milky. When you go home, take a shower and smell your wrist after. Your skin will smell gentle and delicate, with just a hint of a feral-ish musk that kind of makes you want to take a bite.” 

If you want to experience the wonders of 369 for yourself,  the perfume is currently available in a travel size spray, for $36, on the brand’s website. Though the full size version sold out quickly, you can join the waitlist here

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Manon Bushong

Manon Bushong is currently an Editorial Intern at The Tease. Manon adores liquid eyeshadows, thrifting, and spontaneously changing her hair color. Manon loves experimenting with semi-permanent hair color, and her favorite brands for them are Overtone and Loreal Colorista.

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