Tackle Gray in Just 10 Minutes with Paul Mitchell’s New Permanent Cream Hair Color


Only have 10 minutes to take on your client’s grays? Well, Paul Mitchell has got this covered!

For years, Paul Mitchell has served the professional beauty industry with salon-quality hair products and styling tools. Now, the leading manufacturer of professional hair color and the brand behind the industry favorite: The Color series. Earlier this month, The Color Series launched a brand new collection of permanent hair colors to support stylists — introducing Paul Mitchell The Color 10. 

Just like the beloved The Color Permanent Hair Color Series, The Color 10 is formulated with the same sustainably sourced beeswax ensuring healthy looking and conditioned hair with outstanding shine and manageability. Prioritizing hair health, The Color 10 contains the lowest amount of ammonia required to provide slight lift and up to 100 percent gray coverage for a quick 10-minute processing time. 

The Color 10 is ideal for level 3 to 7 clients with anywhere from 40 to 60 percent gray hair. No matter your client’s natural hair color the collection has your back as it offers eight popular shades in three color families: Natural (.0) – 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N, Natural Warm (.03) – 5Nw, 6Nw, 7Nw, and Natural Gold (.73) – 7Ng.  

The Color 10 shades are fully intermixable for added versatility and customizable guest offerings; but do not combine with any Paul Mitchell The Color shades. To use Paul Mitchell The Color 10, mix 1:1.5 with Paul Mitchell 20 Volume Cream Developer. Apply immediately at the root for retouch applications. Process for 10 minutes.

With The Color 10, book more appointments, accommodate last-minute guests, and turn extra minutes into added revenue! With its wide shade range, this permanent cream hair color simplifies inventory and works extra hard, so stylists don’t have to.  

For complete instructions or to learn more about the new line, check out their website

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Corbin Woessner

Corbin Woessner is currently a Graphic Design/Editorial Intern at The Tease. Corbin loves thrifting, all things crafts, and adding eye gems to spice up her eye makeup. To keep her hair looking healthy, strong and soft, Corbin adores using her favorite brand Eva NYC’s products.

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