The 5 Hairstyle Trends We Can’t Wait to Try in 2023


We all know how much we like to stay on top of the current trends, and 2023 is no exception. Since it’s now December, the trendiest hairstyles for 2023 have been announced. The New Year will be about improving our favorite hairstyles, such as the classic chignon, side part, side swept bangs, sky-high ponytail, and jagged shag. So, let’s see what we have in store for 2023! 

From retro to classic, here are 5 hairstyle trends for 2023 you won’t want to miss:

The Retro Chop

Why settle for one length when you can have the best of both worlds? The Retro Chop is a short yet voluminous look that adds movement and texture to your hair. This style allows for easy styling and versatility, making it perfect for any occasion. It’s also the perfect way to transition from long to short locks without having to commit completely to the chop.

The “It Girl” Ear Tuck

When it comes to making a statement with your hairstyle, this look is sure to turn heads. The “It Girl” ear tuck is all about creating a dramatic silhouette that frames the face. It’s also super easy to achieve and requires minimal styling or effort. All you need to do is pull back half of your hair from the ears and secure it with bobby pins.

The Flippy Updo

Updos are mighty. Zendaya’s updo will be popular in 2023. This approach produces a low-maintenance, flirtatious, beautiful half-up, half-down hairdo. Curl your hair halfway down to the ends and brush it out. Spritz with a light-hold hair spray (such as BUMBLE AND BUMBLE Does It All Hairspray).

Classic Chignon

When we talk about human hair lace front wig hairstyles, then we can’t forget about the classic chignon. This classic yet elegant updo never goes out of style. From weddings to formal events, the chic chignon is always a showstopper. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be altered to fit any hair type. To create this look on your own, gather all of your hair in a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Take the ends of your hair, twist them around the base of the ponytail and secure them with bobby pins.

Sky-High Ponytail

This look is all about height! The sky-high ponytail adds drama to any style, making it perfect for a night out or a special occasion. To achieve this look, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Tease the ends to create volume, then finish it off with hairspray for extra hold.

Be sure to try out these 5 hairstyle trends of 2023. We can’t wait to see what you pull off! Whether you want to make a statement, add some drama, or simply switch up your look — the options are endless. So go ahead and have fun with these looks and let your hair do the talking. Happy styling!

What trends do you think we got wrong? Let us know!

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