The Effects Of The Strike On Beauty Professionals


Ever been interested in joining the entertainment industry as a beauty professional? Well, you may need to wait a while longer as the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue to bring the industry to a halt until further notice.

However, when we hopefully get up and running (after the writers and actors get fair conditions of course), we want you to be prepared to get your first contract in the entertainment industry. 

In order to help us, Camille Friend, Department Head of Hair for BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER and THE LITTLE MERMAID, joined Volume Up by The Tease to tell us how she started in the industry. Friend also discusses what she looks for in hairstylists when she is hiring a team, what skills are useful for the business and how her vision for some of the biggest movies has come to be.  

Beyond her insights on how to enter the industry, Friend really dives into how beauty professionals are being affected by the strikes. While her union is not specifically striking, she mentioned the importance of not crossing any picket lines especially when the entertainment industry is only possible with the actors and writers. She worked through how she is handling her free time as well as how professionals can help themselves and others during these unprecedented times. 

Want to know what you can do to support the beauty professionals in the entertainment industry? Friend lays that out too. This episode is jam-packed with information and we want you to be the first to listen. Head to wherever you stream podcasts to pick it up!

“I love designing hair because it gives you the freedom. It just allows your mind to open and you can just do so many things.”

“What’s going to look good with the wardrobe? What’s the backstory of this tribe? Who are they as people? Where do they live? What is the climate like? All of those things have to go into the design of what it looks…Movies are not the hair show where we just do what we want. It all collectively has to work.”

“Actors are the reason why hair and makeup work in our business. If actors didn’t sit in our chair, we wouldn’t have jobs. So as far as that, I’m in 100% solidarity with the actors and the writers, but is this challenging? Absolutely.”

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