The Most Exciting Booths at ISSE 2020 Day Two


Day two of the International Salon and Spa Expo continues to bring the excitement! Brands and stylists come from all over to showcase the best products and tools in a unique way. Without something intriguing to get the crowd going, some booths can get lost at the show. However, these brands brought their A-Game.

Here are the most fun and interactive booths at ISSE 2020!

Brazilian Blowout

With loud music constantly playing and someone always pumping up attendees, the Brazilian Blowout booth is sure to show you a good time. Located at the front of the showroom floor, the large stage and high energy educators ensure excitement throughout the entire day.

Not only is Brazilian Blowout educating viewers through demonstrations, but they even give out free products to the most enthusiastic crowd members!

Babyliss 4 Barbers

One of the largest set ups on the entire showroom floor, Babyliss 4 Barbers’ Custom FX lab and stage is the perfect place to get the clippers and education you’ve been looking for! Their booth has 4 steps to follow, including choosing your custom components to your clippers on a computer and then watching it be assembled by hand in the Custom FX lab. After your clippers are created, you can pick them up and then use the Custom FX photo backdrop to post on social media!

One special moment that happened at the booth on day two was when barber Rob the Original shaved Kobe Bryant’s face onto an attendee’s head in honor of the late basketball player.


Sparks knows how to make color pop! Their booth offers several different photo opportunities, including a glass box full of rainbow confetti, a sparkling black wall and a swing for all of your boomerang dreams.

On top of these fun Instagram opportunities, Sparks also offers education through demonstrating how to use their hair dye! Using a mannequin head for reference, the stylists at Sparks know how to make a colorful, fun space.

Ulta Beauty

One of the most interesting booths at the entire expo is Ulta Beauty. In their huge space in the corner, viewers get to see a full-on photoshoot experience in real time. The demonstration begins with hairstylists teaching viewers how to create extravagant hairstyles fit for editorial.

The models then move over to a photoshoot area where their hair gets perfectly captured. After the shoot is over, the models then move over to small platforms to showcase the final look for all attendees to see. There is nothing else like this at the expo this year!

There’s still one day left of ISSE, so make sure you head over to these fun and interactive booths!

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