The PBA and BeautyAList Team Up to Prioritize Best Practices, Compliance, and Safety in the Beauty Industry


The Professional Beauty Association’s newest partnership is hoping to bring some good to the beauty industry.

The PBA has teamed up with Licensify, the official BeautyAList (formerly BeauticianList) verification engine created by a licensed beauty industry professional. With this new partnership, Licensify will become the preferred partner for PBA’s community of over 100,000 beauty pros and business resources, reaffirming the industry’s critical need for collaboration and integrity.

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A firm supporter of licensed professionals, BeautyAList is committed to promoting best practices, compliance, and safety while celebrating unity and integrity within the beauty industry. BeautyAList’s verification engine, Licensify, empowers businesses to verify licensing data from any U.S. state in one place, streamlining the verification process nationally. This feature allows e-commerce businesses to automate 24/7 verifications which are typically limited by the work schedules of employees who don’t work on weekends or holidays. Not to mention, as an additional revenue stream, BeautyAList supports businesses that cater to pros by offering marketing and sales opportunities to a database of verified pros. 

“PBA is thrilled to partner with BeautyAList and to offer Licensify as a valuable resource to our members,” said Leslie Perry, PBA’s Director of Membership & Education. “PBA applauds BeautyAList’s commitment to licensing verification, compliance, and safety and we align with their values of creating unity within our community.”

Licensify offers seamless integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, or an API that verifies licensed pros instantly, providing immediate access to purchase professional-only products directly from brands at preferred, professional-only pricing. Previously, licensed beauty pros would have to wait for their license verification, resulting in unsafe practices such as purchasing counterfeit or expired products from unauthorized resellers to receive faster delivery. However, with the highly anticipated cosmetic regulatory overhaul, Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA), being signed into law, mandating increased regulatory oversight of cosmetic products and facilities to ensure safety and compliance, the industry must prioritize safety and education for qualified pros. 

“The beauty industry must unite and prioritize safety by ensuring that education and ‘beauty-pro only’ products are exclusively available to qualified professionals. This approach will help to maintain industry standards and uphold the highest levels of safety for all clients,” said Dasha Minina, President of BeautyAList. “Licensify’s platform offers a comprehensive solution to streamline shopper verification and improve conversion rates, empowering beauty businesses to redeploy their staff towards business development, leading to enhanced productivity and growth.  

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