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Hey Salon Pros, it’s your inside scoop from The Tease here.

Everyone who’s anyone knows America’s Beauty Show is the top destination for the beauty industry. With over 80,000+ salon professionals, headliners, educators, leading product manufacturers and distributors all under one roof, we wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity to spill the deets. From workshops to live styling competitions and onstage demos from the best in the biz, we feel like a kid in a candy shop during this three-day event. As salon professionals from around the country gather together, there’s passion and talent around every corner and it’s impossible to leave ABS uninspired. We’ll be in the thick of it, scoping out the latest and greatest in beauty products just for you (and maybe a few for ourselves, shhh, we can’t resist).

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the cutting-edge products you just might find in our next box!

P.S. We’ve got something suuuper exciting in the works. What’s that, you ask? Well, ithave something to do with Hello Salon Pro joining forces with the industry’s fave beauty magazine, Modern Salon!

xo xo