The TikTok-Famous Brownie Batter Hair Color is Perfect for Winter: Here’s How to Achieve It


Whoever said blondes have more fun is sadly mistaken. But, don’t just take that from us. The beautiful brownie batter hair color trend — which has taken over TikTok and Instagram in recent weeks — is here to stay all season long. Intrigued? Keep reading for everything you need to know about the viral brownie batter hair color, along with ample advice from pro stylists. 

So, What Is Brownie Batter Hair? 

Put simply, explains Los Angeles-based colorist Ashleigh Marie, brownie batter hair is best described as “a tone-on-tone brunette with a chocolatey hue.” (Sounds dreamy, we know!) Similarly, Lorena M. Valdes, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, tells The Tease that brownie batter hair is the “blonder version of ‘expensive blonde’ for brunettes.” 

Oftentimes, explains Valdes, the color — “usually a warm caramel” — tends to work best on those with light to medium brown hair. Stylists will, of course, need to adjust the color according to the client’s natural skin tone and individual preferences. 

However, keep in mind that your client does not necessarily need to (already) be brunette to partake in the trend. Per Valdes, folks with dark blonde or “bronde” strands can also have brownie batter hair.  In this case, the hue is best described as a “richer version” of the “expensive blonde” look but with softer, more subtle pops of blonde.  

In order to achieve this look on clients, Valdes advises “using balayage and baby lights to provide the softest grow-out” so as to not over-saturate the hair. What’s more, this is especially important “because you want your client to feel like a brunette with [a] pop of color rather than overdoing it.” She continues, telling The Tease that, in  terms of technique, you’ll want to create “small ribbons of balayage” as well as  “soft, lived-in money pieces to frame the face.” 

How to Maintain and Care For Brownie Batter Hair

Per Valdes, to keep your client’s brownie batter-hued hair looking and feeling healthy, have them come in every three months for a highlight and balayage. The pro also recommends scheduling appointments for toning every six weeks to help “maintain the warmth and shine.” 

To extend the life of this beautiful hair color, Valdes says that using a heat protectant spray is key whenever heat styling is involved. You’ll also want to tell your client to wash their hair in “warm to cool water.” Lastly, your client can score extra brownie points (pun-intended, of course) if they use a moisture or protein mask every two weeks. 

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Lauren Dana Ellman

Lauren Dana Ellman is a freelance writer and editor based in New York. If she’s not writing about the latest hair and makeup trends, she’s either trying them out or attempting to organize her expanding makeup collection. You could never have too many cream blushes, right?!


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