The #VogueChallenge Brings Awareness to Black Artists

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Over the past few weeks, the #VogueChallenge has taken over social media, and we couldn’t be more behind this trend. On Instagram, TikTok and Twitter, Black photographers and models are showing off photos that ACTUALLY look straight out of one of the biggest fashion magazines, Vogue. The challenge began with Salma Noor, who tweeted a picture on June 1st with a text overlay saying “Vogue, Being black is not a crime.” A week later, the trend had exploded. 

In light of recent events, many industries including beauty and fashion have been called out for not having enough POC as both their employees and models. This viral movement allows for artists to bring awareness to their talent and promote themselves as Black photographers. Although the challenge was meant to bring awareness to the lack of POC in the industry, there is still a diverse community taking part in the challenge as it became more viral. Online, there is miscommunication about the origins of this trend. The #VogueChallenge is much more than simply showing how there are many talented people that could photograph or model for Vogue. 

We stand with those lacking representation in the industry and want to show you some of our favorite #VogueChallenge posts.

The second photo of Noor that went viral on June 8th. Shot by @culvin. That eyeshadow tho!

A true Queen! @shadaenotadu manifesting her dreams. 

He gets all the credit because these were shot in his mom’s basement! Models: @simply_eveeee @_mkr999_ @_thatssocoral_  

Breathtaking shots. Photography by @juzzyvisuals.

Shade’s cover creation for Vogue Africa. 

Katie Allen
Katie Allen
Katie Allen is a content creator based in Madison, WI. She covers entertainment, beauty, and fashion trends.