These Hair Trends From Around the World Will Spark Your Wanderlust


Do you ever wonder what hairstyles are currently trending around the world? What’s the most-requested haircut in Croatia’s top salons or the look du jour à Paris? We certainly do! Being the hair lovers that we are, it’s hard not to be curious about the hair habits of our global neighbors.  That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to research the most popular hair trends around the world—with the help of some top global hairstylists. From Russia to India and even New York, we’ve totally got you covered with all the hair inspo you’ll need, from some of your favorite destinations.  Without further ado, here are a few of the coolest hair trends from around the world.


Curl girls in India are all about embracing their natural hair texture at the moment. “A whole lot of Indians who do have naturally curly or wavy hair are not only learning about the upkeep and maintenance of it, but, in fact, are loving it now,” says Mumbai-based hairstylist Natasha Naegamvala.


According to master hairstylist Marshall Lin, bangs of various lengths and clean bobs have been ruling the streets of New York lately. “Bangs are one of the best ways to keep the focus on the face,” says Lin, adding that this haircut adds a certain level of chicness to your look. As for bobs? The NYC-based stylist says this short ‘do will give a strong dimension and structure for the face.


Meanwhile in Croatia, hair looks that express individuality are dominating the scene, with sculptural ‘dos and geometric haircuts in particular leading the way. “As far as shapes go, it’s hard to separate only one or two shapes,” says Ivana Spicer, a hairstylist at ZGAT Salon and Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. “We believe that clients should wear what they feel best in and therefore, that’s the trend for them. Individuality is key for clients to feel special. To find out their personal style, how they feel about their hair, and create the shape they feel most comfortable in.”


Across the pond, hairstylist Hollie Rose Clarke says super soft and smooth hair—aka “glass hair”— is currently one of the most in-demand hairstyles. “Most clients that love this look tend to have mid-to-long length hair and a very simple haircut—one length with a little face framing,” explains Clarke, who’s currently the artist in residence at Dry Bar London. “[Glass hair] is normally achieved using my favorite vegan keratin treatment.”


According to Moscow-based hairstylist Viola Pyak, hairstyles with complex weaving are extremely popular in Russia. Whether styled on its own or adorned with cool black thread, one thing is for certain: this look certainly makes a statement. 


When it comes to the French, they can’t seem to get enough of texturized looks right now. “French girls are embracing texture in all its different forms: wispy undone tresses, wavy, curls, and kinky curls,” says Paris-based hairstylist and educator Ciara Costenoble. “It’s so great to see as Paris is so diverse and so is that je ne sais quoi undone-done look.”


No surprises here: the modern shag is still as popular as ever, especially on the West Coast. “Lots of people are asking for a modern shag,” say LA-based hairsylist Brianna Quezada. “A modern shag is a variation of layers fit to a client’s facial bone structure and it is usually finished off with an early 2000s-inspired blowout.”


We’ve all seen the “expensive brunette” trend blowing up absolutely everywhere these days, but the look is especially picking up steam in Canada. “A lot of ‘pre-COVID blondes’ who let their natural hair grow in have started opting for darker shades and bolder cuts,” says hairstylist Calvyn Cass, who co-founded Brush Salon in Vancouver, Canada. 

Will you be trying out any of these global hair trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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