Transform Damaged Hair with Sebastian Professional’s No. Breaker


Whether it’s excessive heat styling, regular root touch-ups, or constant bleaching, stylists are all guilty of stressing clients’ hair out in some way or another. However, all that stress can lead to serious hair damage — think breakage, dryness, brittleness, and loss of shine.

Lucky for you, getting your client’s hair on the road to recovery is as simple as adding a good bonding treatment to your styling arsenal. For those who don’t know, a bonding treatment does more than just restore shine. This hair hero strengthens and repairs your strands from the inside out, leaving behind strong, healthy, and hydrated locks. 

For any stylist looking to give hair bonding treatments a try, Sebastian Professional has got you covered with their new bonding and styling leave-in spray, No. Breaker. Made with a strong blend (up to 87 percent) of naturally derived ingredients including apple acid, this hybrid leave-in product deeply penetrates the hair cuticle to repair severely damaged hair by creating new bonds within the hair fiber.

Perfect for clients suffering from heat or chemical hair damage, the No. Breaker will not only ensure up to 99 percent less hair breakage but will also leave strands feeling up to 25 percent smoother for up to four weeks, even after the first shampoo. Best of all, stylists can use it for an in-salon express service or a take-home treatment for their clients

As for what sets the No. Breaker apart from other hair bond builders on the market? It’s styling polymers! Unlike most bonding treatments, the No. Breaker contains styling as well as care polymers that adds natural body and volume. So, with this product you are getting styling benefits in addition to the caring elements.

To get the best results from the No. Breaker, start with shampooed and towel-dried hair. Making sure to shake the bottle before use, hold the bottle six inches away from the hair and spray from root to end. Then, comb through the hair being sure that you do not rinse. Next, blow dry and style the hair as usual. The No. Breaker works well when used once a week.

At the moment, the No. Breaker will be available exclusively at Cosmoprof beginning on June 1st. Speaking on the brand’s decision to launch only to professionals first, Senior Manager of Education at Sebastian Professional Christina McCarver shared “Sebastian Professional is a brand beloved by hairdressers and we wanted to make sure we’re supporting them.”

For more information about the No. Breaker, be sure to follow @sebastianpro_official on Instagram or visit the brand’s website.

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Camille Nzengung

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