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Lately, it seems like you salon pros are competing on IG to see who can post the most extra haircutting techniques. Straying far from the traditional snip and clip, these cuts are risky but provide some serious entertainment.

Las Vegas-based stylist Jay Rua fueled the fire with his jagged cut turned blunt bob. Rua posted a video to his IG showing how he took a women’s waist length hair to a below the shoulders cut. But how he achieved the look is what caught our attention. In the vid, Rua snips several inches of hair by making diagonal cuts in the shape of triangles. After creating five, triangular points, he cuts straight across to create an even cut right below the shoulders.

We’re not entirely sure why Rua went the route he did – aside from trying to spice up the chop (and his IG feed). And if you ask us, it worked. The video is absolutely terrifying but hypnotic all at the same time.