Veil Cosmetics Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Refreshed and Weightless


We all want a foundation that provides great coverage but doesn’t leave your face feeling super heavy. Veil Cosmetics’ products are the perfect mix of providing coverage without weighing things down. I tried three of their products and here’s what I thought! 

Inspiration Behind the Veil 

Veil Cosmetics was founded in 2012 by celebrity makeup artist Sébastien Tardif (friend of the Volume Up by The Tease podcast). After hearing from several clients that they wished their makeup enhanced their complexion and didn’t cover it up, Tardif set out to create a product that would do just that. Tardif created the Complexion Fix Concealer to launch the brand. Several other products were developed in following years with the same goal in mind. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free and lightweight to bring a natural looking glow to your skin!  

Sunset Light Primer Serum 

The Sunset Light Primer Serum is an amazing primer! Its 3-in-1 formula leaves your skin poreless, moisturized, and glowing. This  primer can be used alone as a serum on days where you don’t want to wear foundation. Using the product alone leaves your skin looking smooth and dewy. It also absorbs easily into your skin and allows for products to be easily layered on top,  making it  a great multifunctional product! 

Shop: Sunset Light Primer Serum, $48.95 

Sunset Skin Liquid Foundation 

I’ve never been a big foundation person. My skin always felt weighed down by products. That’s not the case with the Sunset Skin Liquid Foundation. This foundation feels light against my skin and provides great coverage. The product comes in 15 different shades and is easily buildable to give you anywhere from sheer to medium coverage. Made with white water lily and cinnamon bark extract, its formula is smooth and hydrating, leaving your skin feeling fresh and renewed. This foundation is by far my favorite one I’ve ever tried! 

Shop: Sunset Skin Foundation, $49.95 

Complexion Fix Concealer

The Complexion Fix Concealer is such a great cover up for acne spots, fine lines, and under eye bags! The product comes in the same 15 shades at the Sunset Skin Liquid Foundation making it easy to blend the two products together. This concealer easily blended in with my skin and covered up all the spots I wanted it to. It has become my new go-to concealer for a quick touch up to my face. 

Shop: Complexion Fix Concealer, $41.95

These three products go hand in hand to give you a natural look. Veil Cosmetics’ products will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed to get you through your day!

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Anna Watters

Anna Watters is a contributor to The Tease. In her spare time, you can find Anna obsessing over books, thrifting, and watching Love Island with her roommates


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