Versed Launches New Instant Gratification Dermaplaning Tool


On May 12th, clean skincare brand Versed took to Instagram to tease their newest product. Featuring several slides of satisfying scraping videos, the social media post had fans of the brand excitingly trying to guess what could be coming next. Well, all has been revealed and Versed has officially launched Instant Gratification, an at-home dermaplaning tool that removes dead skin and facial hair for a smoother looking complexion.

Offering professional-grade exfoliation, Instant Gratification will produce smooth, fuzz-free skin in just one swipe. The reusable tool provides the closest, safest exfoliation you can get outside an office with a slip-free grip that’s designed for precision control and a stainless steel, single-edge blade.

Along with smoothing and exfoliating, Instant Gratification also allows for better penetration of skincare products, like serums and moisturizers. Not to mention, you will be left with a more even-toned complexion, and your makeup application will seriously improve. 

To use the tool, simply hold clean, dry skin taut with one hand and use the other to glide the blade down at a 45-degree angle. You should use short, gentle strokes along the contours of your face. For the cheeks, Versed recommends that users move the blade toward the center of the face. Alternatively, you should move the blade down toward your jawline when approaching the forehead, upper lip and chin. Always be sure to remove buildup on the blade between areas and avoid going over an area more than once.

For best results, the Instant Gratification dermaplaner should be used once every 1-3 weeks (or when you’re due to exfoliate). Be sure to apply a hydrating serum after using the tool for a little extra glow!

In line with the brand’s dedication to sustainability, Instant Gratification features a reusable metal handle that’s meant to last. Its blades can also be used up to four times. Each purchase comes with two blades, and a replacement pack can be purchased on

Click here to purchase Instant Gratification for just $19.99. And be sure to follow Versed on Instagram for more exciting product launches.

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