What’s Next for Weddings?


Like all other artists, our world has been turned upside down. While salons are beginning to reopen, the on-site bridal industry still faces large amounts of uncertainty, with reschedules, refunds and reopens still in question. So, how can we navigate these times and make the transition as smooth as possible?

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. And while we, as hair artists, have the same conversations hundreds of times, this is often a couple’s first. Now, we are dealing with first-time conversations on what’s next. 


Be patient with both the clients and yourself and open the doors of communication. This way, your clients know they can come to you with those hard/weird/new questions — a system that builds trust and creates happiness on both ends. 

If you are still dealing with reschedules and potential cancellations, bring in the tough conversations ASAP. Whether you choose to refund a deposit or not is your choice, though the brides may not understand. Fall back on your contracts to help guide you through this. And if you don’t have a contract, it’s time to make one.

Contracts protect you and your client. We know now that we should be updating our contracts to reflect our business dealings in the face of a pandemic — and what we didn’t know before can now help us grow. Start creating your contract and/or hire a lawyer to help you through this. At the very least, have a professional look over your contract to ensure it is legally binding in your state.


When rescheduling is not feasible, we can help our clients by referring them to our networks of other artists. While they’re dealing with so many vendors, we can give our clients peace of mind by referring trusted professionals — plus build deeper relationships in the industry.

Don’t be afraid to get even more involved by reaching out to your state board and asking what steps need to be taken to provide future services. Being onsite puts us in a unique situation that may be overlooked without speaking up. Communication is the key to success, and we have an opportunity to communicate our needs and concerns to shape our future.

While the future remains in-question as we deal with our unique sets of questions and needs, we can move forward with a clearer picture in mind and make our onsite work better than ever.


Haley Garber

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Haley Garber

Haley Garber is an on-site stylist and educator specializing in bridal work. She is a part of the Modern Salon Artist Connective and the Cosmoprof Cosmopro team.


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