Zenda Walker’s New Book Helps Girls Connect Hair To Culture

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Middle-part or side-part? Kelly Ehlers and Jeffery Lunnen start out this week’s podcast digging into the controversy over Millenial’s ties to things going out of fashion. 

Then we get to connect with the amazing Zenda Walker. She is a name that should be known throughout the industry. Not only is she a marketing exec entrepreneur, business owner and licensed professional children’s author, but she is also a powerful educator. Through her new book, which is turning into a brand, Walker is educating on hair and the power it has to connect to heritage. 

Walker addresses real issues of not enough representation in the world of children’s books and what it means to expand past yourself to learn about other cultures. She dives into her struggles with accepting herself and her hair and how learning about her “hairitage” helped her love her hair. She explains why she wanted to write about wash day and how this book was to help little girls of African descent learn why their hair is so special.

Walker also expresses her thoughts and feelings on the events of 2020 and what it is like for a black American. 

“Wash day wasn’t happening to her, but we were doing it together”

“How can I bring this Black girl magic to life? And really truly explain why we are magic.”

“2020 was the year of reckoning”

Listen to the full episode here or wherever you stream. 

Madeline Hickey
Madeline Hickey