4 Key Takeaways From America’s Beauty Brunch


America’s Beauty Brunch may be over but we’re still on a high from all the interactive moments and awe-inspiring conversations that made the event so memorable. Whether you were tuning in from the comfort of your bed, couch, or dining table, this virtual brunch no doubt kept you busy with all of the networking opportunities, girl talk, and TikTok dancing packed into the schedule.

Attendees experienced an assortment of informative and thought-provoking panels surrounding topics related to mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Keynote speakers such as Nicole Peterkin Morong and Dr. Pepper Schwartz dropped serious knowledge on getting your finances in order and navigating love and dating during COVID-19.

If you missed out on the exciting day or just want to relive all the fun, you’re in luck! We have the rundown on all the key learnings for the virtual brunch, just for you.

Read on for the best quotes from the incredible speakers at the virtual event.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz

Dating Expert, @dr_pepper_schwartz

On keeping romance alive during the pandemic: “Explore new ways to enjoy each other’s company. Avoid monotony. Most importantly, keep laughing!”

Christina Sthair

Life Coach,  @christina.sthair

On manifesting your reality: “Our thought patterns and our beliefs create the life that surrounds us. Our reality. What if you just played a game and shifted some of your beliefs and see what new reality you can bring forth?”

Nicole Peterkin Morong

Financial Planner and CEO of Peterkin Financial,@peterkinfinancial

On the importance of saving money: “No matter how hard you’ve been hit by the pandemic, if you commit to saving $1 out of every single tip, you will be positioning your money to be able to work harder for you.”

Shannon Miller

Olympic Gymnast and Author, @shannonmiller96

On having a gold medal mindset: “The gold medal mindset is really just an attitude of going out and winning the day no matter what life or work throws at you. It’s all about making sure that you make today matter. So, for me, the gold medal mindset means things like setting goals, working as a team, keeping a positive attitude, and committing yourself to excellence.”

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