5 Lifestyle Barber Brands Blending Fashion and Function


A new wave of brands is taking over barber culture. Say goodbye to the days of white barber smocks and pinstripe capes. These 5 brands are shaking up the industry with products ranging from hair-repellent tees, bold barber capes and sunglasses that barbers can rock in and out of the shop.


Once upon a time, barber capes were very predictable. Pinstripe or solid-colored capes draped every patron in barber chairs around the world. All of a sudden, barber capes became brighter and bolder. Founded by two marketing geniuses, Illuzien is a California-based company that has completely taken over the industry. 

Similar to how Stance disrupted the predictable sock industry with their bright, bold and patterned designs, Illuzien has executed to perfection. They have discovered the perfect intersection of creating capes for the culture. You have seen celebrities and famous athletes draped in Illuzien from Travis Kelce to Diddy. Their success has forced other cape companies to up their game. Illuzien even landed a deal with the NBA, giving them the ability to design capes for every team in the league. In true trojan horse fashion, following the success of their cape collection, Iluzien has since introduced barber smocks, aprons and merch. Well played.

Faded Culture

A sophisticated brand molded with a true sense of power. Their outlook is mysterious with a hint of elegance. With 813k YouTube subscribers and counting, co-founders Adrian and Sergio Barron created Faded Culture. From tees to snapbacks, razors to shears, and vlogs to fading tutorials, the Barron brothers have quickly made a name for themselves blending fashion and functionality. 

A few months ago, their collection even walked the runway at the Rumble in the Rockies Barber Expo and Fashion Show in Denver, Colorado. Repping all black snapbacks, tees and jeans, their models marched the runway with their faces mysteriously covered by black bandanas. A fashion statement to say the least.


Commonly known as elevated workwear for the modern barber, SLCKR made a statement with The Rig. A chest plate that effortlessly organizes your tools while cutting down the time it takes to give a haircut. Barbers rock it in the shop, during house calls and on barber battle stages. An intersection of fashion and functionality, The Rig is a perfect example of how to make work look cool. 

After dropping earlier this year, the Shop Tee may replace The Rig as their top seller. Constructed with Hairtex™️, The Shop Tee creates a protective barrier against hair, bacteria and odors. Fabric that repels hair is a barber’s dream. When you pair that with their nylon tote and trucker hat, you’re nearly fitted from head to toe.


After establishing themselves as the blueprint for barber bags, by.appt.only has expanded their offering with a new lifestyle-driven travel line. Through the lens of “Research & Development”, the R&D Supply collection features a cross-body bag, backpack and hanging grooming kit. 

Founded by celebrity barber Vince Garcia, I wouldn’t be surprised if paparazzi catch Devin Booker, Travis Kelce or Ludacris sporting the new R&D line. They are a few of the big names that sit in Vince’s chair. Keep an eye out for by.appt.only to continue adding more products to their already established collection.

Habibe Designer Luxury Sunglasses

If you’ve been to a barber expo, there is a high chance you spotted Habibe (pronounced Ha-bee-bee). Since 2012, Habibe’s custom-tinted lenses have helped barbers look fashionable inside and outside the shop. The light lenses make the glasses wearable both inside and outside during the day and night. 

Habibe is making strategic moves through a recent partnership with Cocco Hair Pro. The clipper brand joined forces to offer a limited edition package of the Hyper Veloce Digital Gap clipper and the exclusive Habibe wood aviator. A very creative take that brings together fashion and function. 

In the last 10 years, we have witnessed more innovation in the barber industry than we have since the first electric clippers were created by Wahl over 100 years ago. This innovation has now weaved itself into the fabric of fashion. The creativity and vision of these brands represent this new era of barbering where fashion meets function.

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Matthew Mendoza

Matthew Mendoza is a licensed barber, educator and consultant. He offers an online course that helps barbers pass their barber exam, hosts the podcast Beyond Barber School which provides emerging barbers with the critical guidance needed to start their business and writes a newsletter called theGuideline about the latest trends in the barber industry.

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