Beauty SuperStars Talk: Multiculturalism in Beauty & Continuing the Conversation on Racism


Last week on Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s tragic murder, Miki Wright and Dominique Lunn teamed up on Beauty SuperStars Talk to discuss multiculturalism and racism on Is Multi-Cultural a Myth? With Dominique Lunn, sponsored by Black Beauty Expo

Dominique Lunn is a cosmetologist and military veteran who has been producing Hair-N-Motion magazine for the last two decades, the only multicultural magazine in the beauty industry. 

The two amazing artists discuss the painstaking journey of becoming a stylist, and how Dominique Lunn’s inspiration for a multicultural magazine was born. Dominique and Miki also delve deeper into the struggles of – but need for – black-owned businesses. They share their valuable thoughts about and experiences with the many different setbacks and funding issues that are commonplace for black business owners as well as black consumers in every industry, including beauty. 

Miki Wright and Dominique Lunn continue the much-needed and incredibly important conversation about diversity and inclusion and how multiculturalism is a place to begin. The two point out some of the progress that has been made, but more importantly talk about all of the progress that still needs to be made. 

This riveting and informative conversation continues every week with new guests. Watch this episode below and tune in this week to learn about how to improve your social media presence as a stylist. 

“Because I have a different background and I’ve lived all over the world, I always wanted to include everybody in the magazine.”

“I saw the bigger picture. It wasn’t just about black hairdressers or white hairdressers, I wanted everybody in there.”

“It’s so slow, you can’t even say that anything is happening.”

“They’re taking our lives, and we still have to deal with that.”

“The way society is, and the way technology is, everybody sweeps everything under the carpet so fast to move on to the next thing. This thing we can’t move away from, we’ve been in it too long.”

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