Celebrity Hairstylist Lacy Redway Lends Her Expertise to The Sims to Create Inclusive Hairstyles


As one of Hollywood’s leading celebrity hairstylists, Lacy Redway continually leaves her mark on the industry with the next-level hair that creates for her superstar clients like Tessa Thompson, Hunter Schafer, and Laura Harrier. And, now she’s brought all of her incredible talent and expertise to the gaming world in a brand-new role: video game consultant.

The hair pro has joined forces with EA, the company that produces The Sims franchise, to create five new inclusive hairstyles for their Growing Together Expansion Pack. Released earlier this month, the expansion pack features an assortment of hairstyles—such as top knots with baby hairs and braids—that focus on representing women, men, and children through the Michaelson family.

“Like in most other industries, representation is still lacking,” Redway shared via an Instagram post. “This is why I’m honored @thesims acknowledged my expertise through my lived and professional experience. We teamed up to bring more authentic Black hairstyles to their gamers. We created 5 new hairstyles with the Growing Together pack you can see here on the Michaelson’s (not the baby); players will be able to design their Sims in the Create A Sim character creation tool with these new hairstyles.”

Redway goes on to write, “I was very specific with the feedback to the developers. I wanted to ensure every swirl around the hairline is laying accurately, braids and parting are true, and coils emulated textured hair. It’s been exciting learning how the technology works and what’s possible. As you imagine, there are still restrictions which means there is still more work to be done, but I’m very proud of the work. I’m excited to venture further in the gaming and AI world and for my work to reach the tens of millions of people who play The Sims 4.”

The collaboration, which has been in the works since February 2022, is a much-needed step in the right direction with regards to the representation of Black hairstyles in gaming. For those who don’t know, many video games often have very limited Black hair options or, sometimes, none at all. That’s why EA bringing Redway onboard to create realistic Black hairstyles with proper care and attention is truly incredible to see. 

For Redway, this partnership appears to only be the beginning as far future hairstyling for the gaming world. “Next on my agenda is to bring more authentic hairstyling to all hair types, similar to what I do in my beauty work,” she wrote on Instagram.

To see more of Redway’s work, be sure to follow @lacyredway on Instagram. 

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Camille Nzengung

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