Celebrity Makeup Tutorials that are Actually Worth Watching


From growing up watching your mom apply makeup to seeing beauty gurus slay on YouTube, watching other people do their makeup is always an entertaining experience. So entertaining that in 2018, beauty content garnered over 160 billion views on YouTube. (In 2008, it was only 2 billion!) As the viewership has grown, celebrities have begun to dip their toes in the beauty world to showcase their own makeup routines for fans to watch.

Whether you’re trying to learn a new technique or you’re just watching out of boredom, there’s a celebrity makeup tutorial for you. The following tutorials are perfect for your viewing pleasure:

The Informative

Rihanna’s Going-Out Makeup Routine

Rihanna’s going-out tutorial is instructional but still enjoyable. The singer uses her own products to show viewers the perfect glowy look for a night out, while encouraging you to do what works best for your own face.

Best tip: contour your face for your face, not the way you see it done in tutorials—and have fun while doing it.

Hilary Duff’s Daytime Holiday Makeup Tutorial


The actress takes you through her quick makeup routine that is perfect for any mom who doesn’t have a ton of time for a full makeup look. Duff’s son plays piano in the background of the video, providing soothing music to the relatable tutorial.

Best tip: curl your eyelashes better by pinching and lifting the tool as you curl.

Lili Reinhart’s Fresh-Faced Makeup Routine

The Riverdale star gives viewers the best tips and tricks for a natural every day look that you don’t need to be a celebrity to slay. With light coverage and the perfect blend of products, this look is attainable for all.

Best tip: always tap excess powder off your brushes before application.

Funny Routines

John Mayer’s Smokey Eye Tutorial

Seeing a John Mayer makeup tutorial is unexpected, and yet, it somehow makes sense. We all know the struggle of creating the perfect smokey eye, so this tutorial is #relatable and funny.

Best tip: with more blending and practice, anyone can attain a successful smokey eye.

Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian Drunk Makeup Tutorial

The best way to liven up a makeup tutorial is with tequila. The Kar-Jenner sisters have a blast in this video, clearly struggling to put together a makeup look while intoxicated, but they still manage to craft successful looks.

Best tip: even when drunk, all you need is focus.

Model Behavior

Emily Ratajkowski’s Date Night Tutorial

As a makeup lover herself, Ratajkowski teaches viewers a lot about attaining the perfect sun-kissed look. This lighter, simple face of makeup is perfect for every day.

Best tip: highlight your entire water line, not just the inner corner of your eye, to make your eyes appear bigger.

Gigi Hadid’s West Coast Glow Makeup Look


Simple, light coverage must be a theme for models who do their own makeup. This look is natural and accentuates your features. Just add a pop of color to your lips to liven it up a little!

Best tip: line your upper lash line with dark eyeshadow to make your lashes look fuller.

Jasmine Tookes’s Daily Makeup Routine

Jasmine Tookes’s routine is all about ensuring the right colors for your complexion. The model has a lot of experience with different makeup artists and techniques, so you can trust her tips and tricks for a full coverage, daily makeup look.

Best tip: mixing different brands and makeup helps you find the perfect shade for your skin.

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