From Tiramisu to Buttercream Blonde—2023’s Hair Color Trends Are Absolutely Delicious


Mushroom, champagne, caramel, nutella—to some people these might just be a few popular foods and drinks, but for those of us in the hair industry, they’re also the names used to describe many of the recent hair colors that have trended over the years. You see, when it comes to naming the hottest hair color of the moment, many hair colorists on Instagram have a tendency to raid the fridge or pantry for inspiration. And, can we really blame them? I mean, why let brunettes just be brunettes when they can be brownie batter brunette or mushroom brown?

The way I see it, the best hair hues are most definitely food inspired. So, colorists, it’s time to consider letting your favorite dish or drink influence your next dye job. To help you out, we scoured the Internet for the coolest food-inspired hair colors that absolutely need to be on your radar. From a cherry cola-inspired dye job to a creamy buttercream blonde shade, here are the trending hair colors to try if you want to help your clients have their yummiest hair yet.


If there’s one hair color that takes the cake for winter’s most mouth-watering hair trend, it’s without a doubt tiramisu hair. Much like its name implies, this decadent hair color is inspired by everyone’s favorite coffee-flavored dessert. And, while this trending hue doesn’t feature horizontal highlights that would actually resemble the layers of a tiramisu cake, it does consist of three different delicious shades of brown—a warm tan with yellow undertones, a deep warm brown, and a light brown with gold reflect. With creamy chocolatey layers that look good enough to eat, it’s no surprise that stars like Emma Roberts are already such big fans of this look.

Buttercream Blonde

As sweet as the icing on your favorite cake, this creamy dimensional color that’s been dubbed “buttercream blonde” is a blend of multiple warm, buttery shades of blonde. This golden hue looks sun-kissed thanks to its swirl of different colors and tends to flatter a huge range of different skin tones. If you’re after an easy, lived-in look, you won’t find a prettier blonde than that of buttercream blonde. 

Mushroom Brown

This hair color may be named after a fungus, but trust us when we say it’s anything but gross. In fact, it’s actually quite pretty! Even if you don’t like “shrooms,” we can almost guarantee that you’re going to love this earthy and natural-looking shade of brunette. True to its name, this multi-dimensional hue favors the ashy gray-brown tint of the ever-popular portobello mushroom. Mushroom brown tends to lean more on the cool side and is often paired with worn-in blond highlights—think Hailey Bieber or Khloe Kardashian.

Brownie Batter Brunette

If you’re looking to go darker this winter, you won’t find a brunette shade more tempting than brownie batter brunette. This deep, rich brown color looks as good as it sounds (and it sounds absolutely delicious!) and consists of a scrumptious blend of beige, brown, and caramel tones. Picture what a bowl of literal brownie batter looks like—complete with all the chocolate-y swirls—and you’ve pretty much got the gist of this yummy hair color.

Cherry Cola 

While copper hair may still be a huge trend in 2023, expect to see a lot more of the cherry cola hair color. Taking inspo from your favorite cherry-flavored drink, this cool-toned color is made from a dark brown base with hints of scarlet and plum fizzing through to give off those sweet cherry soda vibes. While cherry cola hair certainly makes a bold statement, this is one color that truly works for everyone regardless of your hair type or skin tone. 

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