Get That Spring Skin #GlowUp With These 5 Tips


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This season, we’ve been cooped up even more than normal –– and unfortunately, more time inside means more dull, tired skin. But, with a new season approaching, it’s time to get re-inspired and reinvigorate skin with a routine that brings out natural brightness, plus enhanced shape and vibrance.

It only takes a few products to get that spring #GlowUp going: your most reliable skincare, favorite sunscreen and, of course, a versatile palette to add color and shape to out-of-season skin. For a more supple, hydrated look, we recommend cream products. By design, these formulas create a dewier, more natural finish as opposed to powder formulas that might cling to dry skin.

Our favorite cream palette right now is the Lunatude Mineral Contour Shimmer Palette. Six creme shades give you chiseled cheekbones and a strobe to the gods with beautiful, natural finishes. Also, you can feel good about looking good with this palette’s vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free ingredients.

With proper skin prep, you can shed winter layers and reveal your naturally beautiful base underneath. Then, take a few extra steps to amplify a sun-kissed complexion while we wait for warmer weather. Here’s where to start:


Whatever your skincare jam, physical or chemical, regular exfoliation is key to refreshing skin and bringing back brightness lost over the winter. After cleansing, follow up with an exfoliator to remove dead skin and reveal improved tone and texture.

For physical exfoliators, choose a product with fine-grained, gently abrasive particles. Sand and sugar do a great job at buffing skin without damaging. For a chemical option, glycolic acid is a great AHA that, in small concentrations, can be used daily to brighten skin. 


In recent beauty history, we’ve watched enthusiasts and artists lean hard into the dewy side of skin, with #eyegloss and #glassskin as two practically soaked options. By feeding your skin additional moisture, it not only looks more supple on the surface, but absorbs products to quench thirsty skin and create a healthier look.

Moisturizers come in multiple consistencies to give the perfect level of hydration. Gel moisturizers are the lightest option for anyone with clogged pore concerns, while lotions and creams create a thicker consistency that slowly absorbs into super dry skin. For the dewiest of glows, try a skin oil on and get that glazed, almost-wet appearance.

Add Warmth

Obviously the first step to creating a sunny, warm complexion is bronzing up 99.99% of our now-pale faces. Really though, an application of toasty bronzer can do wonders for recreating a summer glow until we have time to spend our days in the sun.

For a cream formula, apply with a makeup sponge or melt the product into skin using your fingers. Turn to “Bronzed Babe” in the Lunatude palette and apply to the “3” formation of your face –– i.e. the edges of your forehead, cheeks and chin. Blend into your hair line and keep all edges soft by paying extra attention to blending.

Flush Cheeks

Blush is really the unsung hero of refreshed skin. Even with the best skin care and bronzer, that out-in-the-sun, slightly burnt flush is what really screams spring. “Cotton Candy” from Lunatude is a super versatile shade of rosy pink that works across all skin tones. With a subtle gloss effect, this shade adds color and sheen.

Just as with bronzer, use your fingers or a makeup sponge to apply. For an especially light hand, a synthetic fiber brush offers another option. Dot the product onto the apples of your cheeks and across the bridge of your nose for a lively, sunny flush. Start light and build the color up until you find the ideal saturation.

Glow Up

And of course, no dewy look would be complete without a proper highlight. Lunatude’s “Moonlight” is a beautiful, clear gloss that adds shine to the highpoints of your face. With a well-placed application of this shade, you can recreate some of that hydrated appearance that may have been lost underneath makeup.

To get the most from your highlight, use precision application with your fingertips or the tapered edge of a beauty sponge. Warm up the product and dab onto the tops of your cheeks, tip of your nose and cupid’s bow. For an extra trendy look, swipe “Moonlight” on your eyelids and brow bones too. Just add a coat of mascara and brow gel, and your skin is officially ready to take on the season!

Anxious to get out of the house? While we wait to make all our warm weather plans, practice your spring styles with the Lunatude Mineral Contour Shimmer Palette –– one of six full-sized products included in our Hello Salon Pro Spring Fling Box. You can sign up now to receive your box of discounted faves straight to your door. Test them out and then share your thoughts with other salon pros and beauty enthusiasts at @readthetease.

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