Keeping Steady Hands

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During these uncertain times, you can’t help but wonder what’s next. As a creative and single mother, I had to pull myself together in order to make time work — like most of you out there! 

I consider myself lucky because I’m still working full-time from home, delivering education worldwide. Most brands — including @toniandguyworld — have been very generous in sharing free education on digital platforms, including step-by-step tutorials and at-home how-to’s. All of this has helped me keep it together with a routine. But still, my job changed overnight. 

Going from a very social lifestyle to communicating entirely via technology was a great challenge. However, this time has taught us how to better communicate with friends, family, and work — a habit that I hope will carry on post-COVID.

The support and comradery we’ve seen throughout the industry during this time has been very empowering. Brands and leaders have supported each other in a noncompetitive way, and hairdressers are finally getting the recognition and value we deserve.

My advice to any hairdressers out there and all kinds of creatives is to carry on educating yourself not only in your field, but in anything else that will help your growth. Turn your weaknesses into strengths by practicing and pushing yourself to do better. Do what works for you and your situation. And try not to be hard on yourself!

We are in this together. Of course, we’ll have our moments; our ups and downs. But every day is a new start. Stay safe and look after yourselves. Acknowledge your worth and be confident enough to put your prices up in order to cover the cost of your own and your clients’ protection.

Efi Davies
Efi Davies
Efi Davies is the International Artistic Director for TONI&GUY LONDON and label.m Professional Haircare. She is a session stylist and innovator in Avant Garde hair.