Olivia Garden Launches New Barber Wave Collection


After first dipping its toes in the barber market last year with the initial release of its barbering tools, Olivia Garden is now adding a new addition to its men’s grooming catalog. The beloved professional tools brand has released its Barber Wave collection which offers five new tools that boast its signature quality and performance.

Image Courtesy: Olivia Garden

Keeping in line with the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices, the bodies of three of the five tools in the collection are made from 100% post-consumer plastics and are built to last. Not to mention, all of the tools are outfitted in a gorgeous tortoiseshell colorway making it a stylish choice for any hair pro’s tool collection.

 “In order to truly serve the professionals in the hair and beauty industry, we can’t just stop at salons,” says Anne Maza, Olivia Garden’s VP of Marketing & Sales. “Creating a collection specifically for barber use is just the first step in ensuring Olivia Garden quality can be guaranteed for all hair professionals. And of course, we’re always honored to be able to offer sustainable alternatives for other products on the market.”

When it comes to the new Barber Wave collection, hair pros have the option of purchasing the products as a collection or individually. 

  • Fade Duster: An innovative 2-in-1 tool featuring dual sides, a fade brush, and a neck duster, the Fade Duster was created in conjunction with barbers in order to provide them with the perfect tool for their fades and haircuts. It features nylon bristles to quickly dust off cut hairs from clients’ heads, faces, and necks. And, this tool also has a soft touch, cracked look that will look good as well as feel great in your hands.
  • Tunnel Brush: Great for volume and styling, this vented brush features ion-charged, ball-tipped bristles for comfort and control. Plus, its retractable sectioning pick and nonslip rubber grip handle offer unique precision and versatility.
  • Combo Wave Brush: This brush is perfect for waves as well as short and medium hair detangling. With a special blend of vegan boar and ionic bristles, the Combo Wave Brush hydrates the hair cuticle leaving an impeccable shine. Not to mention, it has a removable cushion for easy clean-up.
  • Vegan Boar Wave Brush: With an ergonomic handle design and soft cushion, this vegan boar bristle brush is built for short hair, facial hair, and waves. It also features a removable cushion for easy clean-up.
  • Palm Wave Brush: Perfectly scaled to fit in the palm of your hand, this vegan boar bristle brush not only creates incredible waves, but it can be used in beards and mustaches as well. It also has a removable cushion for easy clean-up.

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