The Freehand Haircut Is Taking Over TikTok


If you’ve been on TikTok recently, then you’re probably already aware of the viral trend known as the “freehand haircut.” There’s nothing new about this technique  – what is new is that more and more people are embracing it!


Freehand inverted layers. Watch with the sound on for an explanation of what I’m doing. #Haircut #DryCut #Layers #LongLayers #Hairtok

♬ original sound – FancyHairdressers

What’s the Trend?

Freehand hair cutting means – well – exactly what it sounds like. The stylist will cut the hair without using a tool like a comb or a hand to hold the hair in place. With this method, the scissors are typically pointed downward at an angle, but sometimes cuts can be done upwards. Another difference is that with freehand cutting, the hair tends to be dry as opposed to wet as the stylist will not usually wash the hair before cutting it. 

Why are so many people embracing this method? It creates a lot of texture, and it is especially great for curly hair, with its different patterns due to the natural flow of the curves and the structure that they give the hair. Freehand cutting can be used on any type of hair, but it’s especially useful for curly, mullets, fishbone braids, and similar styles since it allows the stylist to work with the unique structure of the hair as well as the shape of the client’s face.

Techniques for Effective Freehand Cutting

There’s no set technique for freehand cutting. Instead, it has more to do with the stylist’s discretion. Since this is the case, stylists don’t need to follow a strict set of guidelines.

With dry hair, stylists can view the hair as it really is. And with freehand, the hand can move around the hair to find its natural lines and curves. 

A Word to the Wise

Clients should talk to their stylists about their preferences, and stylists should come up with a plan for cutting the hair – and stick to it throughout the process. This vision will ensure that the final product matches the original idea of both the client and the stylist!

Many clients prefer the freehand method because it’s easier to maintain. They don’t need to have specialized tools to achieve the same look every day that they had in the salon. Instead, they can just comb or brush it, add some product, and head out for the day!

Have you ever cut a client’s hair using this method? Let us know in the comments.

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