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After growing tired of mixing lipsticks together to achieve the perfect shade and formula, Palestinian born twin sisters and world-renowned DJs Simi and Haze Khadra decided to create their own brand to solve this issue — SimiHaze Beauty

After years of using stickers to create eccentric makeup looks, Simi and Haze had an epiphany and realized that their beloved stickers could actually be turned into an eye makeup product. Following the brand’s launch in 2021, SimiHaze Beauty quickly gained an immense amount of popularity due to its unique range of stick-on makeup designs that can be easily applied to the face, instantly creating a striking look on users. 

For Eyes

SimiHaze Beauty’s eye sticker packs feature an array of eye-catching designs inspired by their favorite past DJ makeup looks such as holographic cat eyes, chrome wings and neon eyeliner. No matter your aesthetic, SimiHaze’s EYE PLAY Collection has got you covered! The collection offers all kinds of designs ranging from glittery hearts and butterfly wings for the perfect festival eye look, all the way to delicate gems for a more delicate eye look. Prior to Coachella being canceled in 2021, the brand’s EYE PLAY Dance Packs and EYE PLAY Glitter Packs sold out not only once, but three times each!

For Lips and Face

In addition to their EYE PLAY Collection, SimiHaze Beauty offers a range of products including their VELVET BLUR Matte Lipstick Balm ($36.00), SUN FLUSH All Over-Face Tint ($35.00), EASY LASH Clean Lift Mascara ($30.00), LIGHTBEAM Liquid Highlighter ($36.00), AM/PM Magnetic Eye Quad ($55.00), SUN WASH Bronzing Powder ($45.00), and so much more.

SimiHaze Beauty serves as a journey through multiple dualities: AM and PM, form and function, minimal and maximal. As skincare-fused products, they are meant to enhance and not cover users’ natural features and skin texture. Simi and Haze believe that makeup should be fun and expressive, never restrictive. 

The brand’s high-quality sculpted packaging is inspired by the sister’s love of fine art. The products are magnetic and stackable, something that Simi and Haze hope can also function as both décor and inspiration in their customers’ homes. Holding truth, the brand’s packaging is fun, yet sleek and minimal making them the type of makeup products you purposely leave out on your vanity for aesthetic reasons. Yes, the packaging looks that good. 

The intuitive and artfully designed packaging is just the tip of the iceberg because SimiHaze Beauty’s products are not only easy to use, formulated with the highest-quality ingredients and well-pigmented, but also fun to play around and experiment with!

Aside from their products being available to purchase on their website, SimiHaze Beauty can be found exclusively online on Farfetch, Selfridges, and Sephora

For more information on SimiHaze Beauty and to stay updated on new product launches, be sure to check out their Instagram!

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Corbin Woessner

Corbin Woessner is currently a Graphic Design/Editorial Intern at The Tease. Corbin loves thrifting, all things crafts, and adding eye gems to spice up her eye makeup. To keep her hair looking healthy, strong and soft, Corbin adores using her favorite brand Eva NYC’s products.

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