Which CBD Beauty Product is Right for You?


Everyone’s buzzing about CBD — cannabidiol, the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis. You can drink CBD-infused tea, you can buy it in chocolate form, and celebrities are using it on their feet during red carpets. Kim Kardashian even had a CBD themed baby shower

CBD has many benefits for the body and mind (it’s not psychoactive, so no, it doesn’t get you high). It can help with insomnia, stress, anxiety and even chronic pain. And in some cases, CBD can even be used in patients with epilepsy to help combat symptoms.

Along with improving mental and physical health, CBD can be used to enhance beauty. It’s anti-aging, can help treat acne, and because of its calming nature, the oil can reduce inflammation and redness of the skin. Many beauty brands have started using CBD in their product lines, but which one is right for you?

To Hydrate


If you’re looking for a moisturizing CBD beauty product, Lord Jones is the brand for you! They offer several products: oils, creams, balms and more. Their High Formula CBD Body Lotion has a cooling sensation, a natural scent and will calm your skin.

The Royal Oil, which you can either ingest or use topically, also smooths and moisturizes the skin, contains the original aroma of the cannabis plant and feels great when applied.

To Soothe Your Soul


If you’re looking for some self-care CBD beauty products, check out Kush Queen. The line includes shower gels, sugar scrubs, skin serums and more. Melt, Kush Queen’s CBD lotion, reduces inflammation and allows instant relief when it comes into contact with the skin.

The brand also offers a wide variety of CBD bath bombs that rejuvenate, relax and relieve both mind and body. With their vibrant colors and minimal packaging, the bath bombs smell great and look pretty.

Correction, 11:11 AM, Jan 13, 2020: A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that Milk Makeup’s Kush collection was CBD-infused. In fact, this line is infused with cannabis sativa seed oil or hemp seed oil, which does not contain CBD. Consequently, we have updated the post and removed Milk Makeup from inclusion.

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