End Bad Hair Days With These 3 Sexy Hair Products


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This year taught us that no matter how well we plan, life can change in an instant. The same is true when you run into a bad hair day behind the chair. Nothing is worse than working hard to craft your style, running into a roadblock and having to totally reimagine your vision. But, Sexy Hair has your back.

The ArtistryPro line was made to give stylists a whole lineup of tools to take on everyday hair woes. From frizz to volume and more, you’ll never get caught off guard in the salon again when you keep these products stocked. Check them out:


A Frizzy Situation

Whether it’s an unexpectedly humid day or your AC goes out in the salon, frizz can put a serious damper on your day –– especially when it comes to summer bridal styles and those sleek strands that make color reveals POP. Although it can feel like an uphill battle to regain smoothness, it’s an absolute requirement for all-star styling.

Get ahead of the curve with Avant-Guard Heat Protection & Finishing Spray from Sexy Hair. This mist preps clients for styling with hold and protection up to 450 degrees. Plus, its hair-strengthening amino acids fight frizz by reinvigorating hair’s moisture. Hit strands with a shot of this before starting your process. Then, watch hair shine under pressure to reclaim any bad hair day. 


Hair Falls Flat vs. Revamped

As a girl with pin-straight, fine hair, I know the struggles of fighting for what feels like hours to get volume, only to watch it deflate within minutes. No matter how much hairspray or back-combing, no trick in the book seems to work to keep my pesky texture upright. 

However, with Sexy Hair’s Tactile Dry Texture Spray, the lightweight, buildable formula amps up volume and texture for up to 24 hours. The best part? It doesn’t sacrifice shine or hydration like a typical dry spray. To apply, hold 6-8 inches away from the scalp and spray to the underside of each section. Then, tousle and tease for reawakened, sexy results.


Your Products Don’t Protect The Environment

Finally, all of our hair woes combined don’t beat the unfortunate reality that salons create huge amounts of waste, from foils and color tubes to hairspray cans and lightener tubs. Plus, aerosols aren’t exactly environmentally-friendly. With Sexy Hair’s Construct, stylists can protect their styles and avoid bad hair days using non-aerosol technology.

This lift spray is made to give you all of the hold and volume, but with none of the air pollution. Start by spraying at the roots to elevate men’s or shorter styles. Or, stir up some excitement at the crown of your long-haired queens. With this product, there’s no more style collapse, just eco-friendly hold for up to 48 hours.


Even professionals can’t control the future. No matter your skill or technique, there’s always opportunity for things to go wrong. By equipping yourself with a lineup of bs-reversing products, you can trust that even your off days will lead to great results and happy clients.

Try full-size samples of all these products, plus the Remodel Dry Shampoo and Cutting Edge Light-Weight Priming Conditioner from the ArtistryPro line, in this season’s Hello Salon Pro Box by The Tease + Sexy Hair. You can subscribe to get yours now with $100 worth of professional product for only $25. 

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