Everything You Need To Know About Skincare and Rooibos


Have you heard of rooibos? Typically made into a herbal tea, rooibos is an herb that grows in South Africa.

Figgi Beauty, a sensitive skincare line, uses rooibos as one of its main skincare ingredients, stating on their site, “Its unique polyphenol structure, found in no other plant or species, makes it an exceptional antioxidant. Scientifically proven to have incredible anti-inflammatory properties, it is known to soothe and calm. It also boasts anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties…South Africans have trusted its benefits in skincare for decades.”

The Figgi Beauty founder, Dr. Jeanne Retief,  joins Volume Up by The Tease this week to talk about her journey to found Figgi, how skin care helped her in her personal journey, her connection with rooibos and entrepreneurship. 

If you are interested in learning more about rooibos and its benefits or how sometimes the career you planned out for yourself is not where you are meant to be, head to wherever you stream and listen to this week’s episode. 

Dr. Jeanne is a lesson in strength, formidability and building something from yourself and others like you. 

“It was really difficult for me because I hid my panic disorder diagnosis for a very long time. I had a lot of shame about that because that doesn’t fit into a professional environment. So it was difficult to build Figi and to have to be so open about my story.”

“My mind just played around with this word Figgi and when I did deeper research about the meaning and the representation and symbolism of a fig, it  was really feminine power and recognizing that we’re all a community and we should be as one. And that was my goal for Figgi.”

“I think I would just hope that we would get to a point where we can respect the consumer as an intelligent individual capable of making their own decisions. Because you know, it’s good to have information out there and we live in an age of information, but there’s so much just wrong information about wonderful ingredients and products and brand bashing and smashing.”

“The point is that beauty, I think, is one of the most personal experiences. You don’t experience it the way that I do and my skin doesn’t react the way that yours does. Just because I need to avoid fragrance doesn’t mean you don’t have to smell like a bouquet. You know, fragrance isn’t bad for everybody.”

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Madeline Hickey

Madeline Hickey is the Digital Media Producer for The Tease and Volume Up podcast. Beauty is the name of her game. Think you have the perfect guest for the podcast? Let her know: madeline@thetease.com

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