What You Need to Know About the Surfer Curtains Hairstyle That’s Taking Over TikTok


Looking for an easy and effortless ‘do that’s fuss-free *and* low-maintenance? Consider the trending surfer curtains hairstyle, which has become increasingly popular on TikTok with over 24 million views and counting. What’s more, this uber-popular look is low-maintenance and easy to style (read: no heat tools required!) — making it a favorite amongst gals (and guys!) on the go. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn more about this ‘gram-worthy ‘do, plus tips, tricks, and insight from expert stylists.

So, What Are Surfer Curtains? 

Surfer curtains may sound confusing, but the style is actually relatively simple. Put simply, says Los Angeles-based hairstylist Bradley Leake, “Surfer curtains simply curtain bangs styled in a specific way.” He continues, telling The Tease, “This means parted down the center with added texture” (read: beachy and effortless, “as if you just hopped off the surfboard”). 

Additionally, although surfer curtains are currently trending, they’ve actually been around for quite some time. According to hairstylist and BLONDME Ambassador Sam Stahl, this look — which features a “strong middle part, long messy sides and bangs that frame the face like a curtain” — dates back to the 1990s. (Talk about a throwback!)

How to Ask Your Stylist For Surfer Curtains

Next time you pop into your favorite salon for a new ‘do, ask your stylist for curtain bangs. More specifically, Stahl recommends asking your stylist for “face-framing curtains at the cheekbone.”

What’s more, “When in doubt,” says Leake, “Error on a longer bang cut.” Per the stylist, “The added texture will make the bangs appear shorter, so it’s always easier to start longer and cut more if needed. 

Who is the Surfer Curtain ‘Do Best For?

According to Leake, surfer curtains work well for every hair type and almost every length. However, he does note that surfer curtains are “especially wonderful” for curly strands since the cut emphasizes the hair’s natural texture. Similarly, Stahl echoes these sentiments, telling The Tease, “This cut does work best on textured hair with some sort of natural wave.” No wave, no problem: “Texture can always be added or created,” says Stahl. 

How to Style Surfer Curtains at Home

Can’t make it to the salon? Don’t fret: Surfer curtains are easy to achieve from the comfort of home (so, no need to step out of your house-slash-change out of your PJs). Here’s a step-by-step guide to at-home surfer curtains in (almost) no time, according to the pros: 

  1. While the hair is still wet, Leake recommends using a mousse to add some lift at the root. Simply apply some product and scrunch before you blow-dry.  
  2. Part down the middle, “twisting the length a bit away from the face,” explains New Jersey-based hairstylist and salon owner Jennifer Korab.
  3. Spritz on your favorite texture spray for even more volume.

Additionally, according to Stahl, the key here is to use your fingers — not a comb or brush — to part your hair, which helps “enhance your natural texture.”

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Lauren Dana Ellman

Lauren Dana Ellman is a freelance writer and editor based in New York. If she’s not writing about the latest hair and makeup trends, she’s either trying them out or attempting to organize her expanding makeup collection. You could never have too many cream blushes, right?!


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