Learning How I Wanted To Run A Salon


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Imagine you make the huge decision to start your own salon after learning from other salon owners and renting a chair for years. You find the perfect location for your new salon and sign for a lease. One month later, everything shuts down due to COVID. That is what happened to Gregga Prothero.

Gregga Prothero is a Master Stylist and Founder of gregga, a diverse and inclusive salon space where talented hairstylists stay up with current trends and share new techniques, as well as master the hair classics we all know and love. Located in Los Angeles, gregga is best known for its laid back, welcoming environment and specialties of vibrant color, lived in looks and accentuating cuts.

Born in the Philippines and raised in Los Angeles, over the years; Gregga has built an impressive cult following and in 2020, she joined forces with her husband, Colin, to open doors of gregga where clients come to both indulge and transform.

With over 15 years of experience cutting, coloring and styling, Gregga Prothero has a true talent and passion for making her clients look and feel their best, and for building a team of creative individuals who come together to do the same. 

Did she have to back out of her lease? Was she able to continue on? Learn what happened next in Gregga’s journey on this week’s episode of Volume Up by The Tease. She talks us through the ups and downs of starting a new salon as well as how her husband helped her create a welcoming and inclusive environment through the architecture. 

“But you’re in this whole new ball game and everything like that. So I was very thankful. I think it’s so necessary.”

“Everyone just always kind of thought I was the owner, because the owner was really super hands off. Which you know again, you always learn from stuff.”

“If you want a salon where you can just do your thing and be creative but also know you’re in a safe space.”

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